The problem

Veteran suicide is on the rise

 There’s an epidemic of anxiety and depression in our country. And it’s hitting our combat veterans and active-duty military harder than most. While only 8.5% of America’s population is active-duty or a veteran, 1 in 5 Americans are military family members… which means that when our military is wounded, our nation is wounded.

A recent study showed the suicide rate DOUBLED from 22 veterans per day to 44 veterans each day.


higher suicide risk than those who haven't served

calls to the Veterans Crisis line per day

3X more likely to deal with depression than general population


divorce rate

An average of 44 veterans per day lose their lives to suicide — twice as many as was previously reported by the VA (Veterans Affairs)


3 in 4 veterans of the War on Terror are living with PTSD

The soldier’s heart, the soldier’s spirit, the soldier’s soul are everything. Unless the soldier’s soul sustains him, he cannot be relied upon and will fail himself, his commander, and his country in the end.

General of the Army, George Marshall

THE solution

Spiritual Resilience

Resilience is the capacity to persevere. It’s the ability to have the inner fortitude to face any fight.  That’s where spirituality, and in particular, the timeless strength of Faith comes in.

Studies show those with an active Faith life are 7 times less likely to commit suicide. They have lower rates of depression and enjoy healthier family lives.

That’s why Engage Your Destiny is on a mission to bring the hope that only Faith can give to those who need it most. We do this through powerful online resources, videos, in-person resiliency training, nationwide events, and so much more.

Training soldiers, veterans, and their families to engage their Faith protects them from the challenges they face. It brings healing.

When you heal the veteran, you heal the family… and when you heal the family, you heal the nation.

After 5 combat deployments to Afghanistan and loading my best friend into a helicopter as he was burning alive and sustaining burn wounds myself, the Afghanistan evacuation left me completely mentally devastated.I gave so much – more time to Afghanistan than to my wife and my kids. I held my best friend as he took his last breath telling me how sorry he was that he couldn’t stay in the fight. I know our only hope is Jesus in the midst of such a disaster within the military I once loved.

– Active-duty Military Member

The impact

Over the last 7 years, we have been blessed and empowered by faith to bring honor, hope and healing to our local veteran communities, families and active duty military stationed all over the world…

Over 25,000 Veterans honored for their service

Military trained through resiliency classes

Responses to Faith

Over 1.5M Views for Digital Discipleship


Connected to Small Groups

Veterans, Military and Families connected to resources

Thank you for everything. After I left the training, I started crying tears of happiness… something that has never happened to me."

– Active-duty Military Member

"I was doubting why am I here, but today I found clarity. I’m right where I’m supposed to be, and I’m not alone. Thank you. "

Active-duty Military Member

"The event was life changing for my husband, a VietNam vet. To be thanked and appreciated for their service, altho unpopular at the time, meant so much. The instant bond of brotherhood was everywhere. Thankful so many young families were there welcoming our vets home. The program and speakers were inspiring. Programs like this are a lot of work to put on, but so needed in these times. Definitely, these are worth every minute and should be held again. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!! "

– Veteran Wife

"I have never felt so appreciated. Everyone involved went way past my expectations and definitely helped take away those memories of the San Francisco airport where I went to the first restroom I could find to take my uniform off after the vitriol I experienced getting off the plane."

Active-duty Military Veteran