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Our Mission is to bring life, hope and healing to the military men and women of the United States of America.

Active Duty Military

We exist to build spiritual resiliency in the men and women of the United States Armed Forces. 


Build The Local Church.

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The latest stories of hope, healing and restoration from Engage Your Destiny.

Israel’s Story – Fort Huachuca Outreach

“surrounded by hundreds of young warriors that would someday experience the reality of combat, I was overcome with a deep urgency to help them know and experience the God who died for them…” Hi, I’m Ben. I run a ministry that reaches the military with the love and...

Your Fathers Business!

Your Fathers Business!

A Thought For Your Life Jesus spent his time being about His Father's business. Our problem, is that we are about our business.  We want what we want and go through life seeking our will being done. The Christians first and foremost responsibility is to...

A Thought For Your Life Faith is believing in what you cannot see. If you had everything you ever dreamed of, you would never need faith. You would never have hope.  Do you want to live a live void of faith and hope? It would be a life without courage....

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