A love story. At 30,000 feet…

You’re going to like this story. No, you’re going to love it.

There’s nothing like a good story, not to mention a good love story. So why beat around the bush with a bunch of fluff, and let’s get into it. I mean, you did click on this to read a love story you hopeless romantic… 😉

I was flying to Denver for my cousins wedding to be a groomsmen. The funny thing was I had totally forgotten about the wedding, doubled booked and almost didn’t go. Make’s this whole deal a tad more interesting.

I was sitting in the front row with some room to stretch my legs #winning when the Pilot came on the intercom telling us it was a sold out flight. We were getting ready to close up the cabin doors and push off but the seat next to me was still empty… All of a sudden this tiny woman frantically rushes on to the plane and flies into her seat.

She wore a medium tan dress, no make-up, had long sandy red hair and was built like a runner. She had this hippie vibe to her, which was so interesting to me. All I wanted to do was start a conversation with her. She seemed like a woman with a story.

I love talking to strangers on planes. I have made more friends after flights and given more hugs before parting ways than I can count. So it’s just natural to just strike up a conversation and to get to know someone.

This woman’s body language was telling me one thing, I don’t want to talk, don’t look at me; all I want is to be left alone. But then she pulled out a book and it was written in German.

“Oh!” I said. “Do you speak German?” I know right, lame way to start, but it struck up a conversation.

Her name was Geri. She was 50 years old, a teacher for the University of Denver who longed to escape into the mountains, build a farm and live like a hippie for the rest of her life. (Some of you were thinking this was a love story that involved me, that one hasn’t happened yet. Yet is the key word here. But keep reading, this is a great story)

Geri and I talked about everything, life, work, travel, adventure, religion, philosophy, books we’ve read, it was such a pleasant time together. Then… I don’t know how else to say it… I felt prompted to ask Geri: How do you find true love?

I didn’t need an answer, but something in me just wanted to hear her perspective.

Geri got very quiet. For about 30 seconds. Which is a long time when you are sitting with someone on a plane. She looked at me and said, “Ben, I want to tell you a story,”

Geri grew up a very unpopular, nerdy bookworm who focused on her studies and had very few friends. She constantly observed the “pretty” girls in school and wished she could even have a conversation with a boy let alone command their attention.

Since she was a little girl Geri dreamed of being in love. She constantly fantasized about her white knight who one day would come to sweep her off her feet.

Then college came. She was sitting in freshman sociology when he walked in. His name was Jake. He had long blonde hair that waved as he moved, muscular build, a strong jaw, literally Johnny Bravo in the flesh. The world stopped when he walked in. Then you know what happened? He sat down and began to talk with Geri.

They were hooked on each other from the moment they met. 6 months later they were married. But, on the night of the wedding Jake looked at Geri and said, “I know you’re catholic so you can’t divorce me, now you are going to find out who I really am.”

Geri said the next 10 years of her life were nothing short of a living hell. Jake had a violent temper, was selfishly demanding, a heavy drinker, verbally abusive, and at times physically abusive. After 10 years and two kids Geri packed up her girls and left him.

She was all-alone. Geri knew she could do something great with her life, she just needed to figure out what. So she went back to school, received a Masters and then her Doctorate. After graduation while she was searching for a career, a friend of hers suggested joining the Navy to be an officer. So she did.

Now things start to get interesting. Geri was all set to leave for basic training when she showed up at the recruiter’s office and her paperwork was missing. Could not be found. So she was delayed from that particular draft class. The next day the recruiter called Geri and said, “Geri, you’re not going to believe this, your paperwork is right on my desk, I can’t understand it… it’s right here!”

Frustrated but understanding she left the next week to join another draft class and begin her training. Soooo, in her training class, there was this… guy.

Bob. Geri and Bob slowly got to know each other during the training and one day when they were about to graduate they were sent on an assignment together. While they were riding in the truck Bob told a very amusing story. When Geri laughed she touched his shoulder and then the impossible happened. The second she touched him, Geri said she felt a shock and then heard the voice of God. Something she really didn’t even know existed. In a loud booming voice she heard, “This is your Husband, the man I’ve saved for you all along.”

Of course Bob didn’t hear a thing and Geri carried on like nothing happened. I mean come on; she doesn’t want this guy to think she’s nuts!

But then, graduation day came, and went, and Bob left. Nothing happened.

Geri was devastated. She was so angry with God and herself. She went home that night, buried her face in her pillow and cried herself to sleep. The next morning she woke up, heartbroken, went to grab the paper and on the doorstep, was a note.

It was from Bob telling her that she was the love of his life. Then the phone rang, it was him, and the rest, well, is history.

Geri looked at me after telling the story and said, “Ben, love will find you, you won’t miss it, and even if you do, He won’t let you.”

Geri was on stand-by. The person who was “suppose” to sit next to me, never showed and I got to hear a story that changed my life.

I wanted to share this story because we were designed for Love. It’s why our culture craves it so badly.

But, I want you to take heart from this story and have faith. God is good. And He gives good gifts to His kids. Trust His timing.

The world is yours, so take delight.