A Word for You

The blog you are about to read is going to be a different experience for you. I have never written a blog like this but God spoke to me that you needed a prophetic word from Him.

A prophetic word is when God speaks through His servant to you. It is an encouragement into truth and destiny. It is God speaking to you. Prepare your heart to receive the goodness He has for you. Faith comes by hearing. So prepare your heart for a faith upgrade as you read this message.

You have only scratched the surface. You are at the very beginning of all that I have for you. The goodness, the height and depth of my plans for you are just beginning. I am doing a new thing in your life. I am creating new opportunities for you. I am preparing and making a way where there is no way. I have seen your hurt. I see your moments of discouragement, not feeling good enough, and hopelessness. Take heart. Take control of your heart. In the moments of your greatest weakness, I am closest to you. It’s time for you to make the move. It’s time for you to step into the change. The moment of acceleration is upon you. Seize it. Come after me. Let go of your past. Let go of all that is behind you and set your eyes on ME. I AM the author and finisher of your faith. I AM finishing what I started in your life.

Stop being afraid. I am going to protect you. I AM leading you. Your life is in My hands. Begin to feel the wind of my Spirit guiding you. Awaken your heart to the drenching wave of hope I am giving you. Take control of your mind. Cut off the defeat plaguing your thoughts. Stop the turmoil. Everything you need is yours. It is yes, and amen. So be it.

Open your eyes to see. I am a finisher. I finish things. I will finish the work in you. I will finish the problems you are experiencing. I will go deep into your heart and finish your past. Your past is over. It is gone, I can’t remember it. I can’t think about it. It has been washed by My blood. Seize your future, I have finished your past. I am finished with your past. The newness of today is where I am. Come to where I am. I AM here now. I am in your now and in your future. Your past is healed. It is over. Release it to me. I work everything for good.

Now is your time. I am leading you to a place that is too high for you. You could never attain it. I bridge the distance. Your heart is crying out to ascend to the next level. Reach out. Reach out with all your might to me. My hand is open. Grasp it, take it, hold it, trust it. I lead you with my righteous right hand.

Now is your time.

The best is yet to come,