Beautiful Pain

C.S. Lewis changed the world with his writing. Not many people can say that. I admire him not just for his writings (which are brilliant) but for the way he lived. He was kind to people, did everything with excellence and loved without boundaries. 

Most people don’t know this but Lewis was a single man for the majority of his life. He didn’t find true love until he was in his late 50’s. Her name, was Joy. They fell in love and actually had their wedding ceremony in her hospital room. She had cancer but they were in love and wanted to be wed more than anything else in the world. Shortly thereafter Joy had a miraculous remission. Lewis and Joy had three blissful years together but sadly, she lost her battle with cancer.

Lewis was asked one time in an interview if he had the power to go back and never marry Joy, would he? Would he go back and change it to avoid such tremendous pain.  He said, I wouldn’t change anything. The pain I have gone through is a testament to how much I was in love. And that love is the greatest gift of my life.

Our lives really are about perspective. The way you look at something.. Will change everything.

We look around the world of today and see far more pain, than joy. But I want to change our perspective on that 🙂

My Dad has been battling cancer for 8 long years and in the last three, his health has really deteriorated.  I moved home to live with my family while my Dad is slowly passing. It hasn’t been an easy choice. Living at home, is painful. It would be so much easier to live somewhere else and avoid it all.

But through the entire experience, my Dad and I have developed a relationship that we never had before. We’ve almost become, buddies. We were never like that when I was growing up. Dad and I related on our achievements, shared them and then parted ways to go achieve more. Not a great bond let me tell you.

But my point in all of this is that the pain I have experienced with my Dad being sick has been truly, beautiful. I have a relationship with my Dad that I never thought was possible growing up and honestly…I wouldn’t change it. That is beautiful pain.

When we experience loss, it shows us just how much we loved that person which truly is, beautiful pain. There are times in life where our desires are not fulfilled and we are reminded what real faith is. We wouldn’t know the loving touch of our Father to guide us through the hard times, if there were no hard times. Beautiful pain.

Our failures, mistakes, screw-ups and let downs make the good times that much sweeter. If all we ate was doughnuts throughout the day, believe it or not, we would actually get sick of doughnuts. (though that may sound impossible)

My deepest desire is to minister to your heart today. Maybe you are doing just fine but someone out there is really hurting, needing some hope and rest for your soul. Take heart beloved, your breakthrough is coming, the sun is going to come up tomorrow, God is never going to stop loving you and all things are still possible 🙂

Take your situation and search out the beauty in it. I have retreated to the conclusion that you can find true beauty in any sort of pain. But it takes faith in a loving Father to clearly see it.

Take heart and don’t you dare think of giving up.

The best is coming for your life,