Ben Peterson

Ben Peterson is the Executive Director and Founder of Engage Your Destiny, a non-profit ministry for veterans and their families.



Ben spent 8 years in the Army while deploying to Iraq during the surge in 2008-09. His time in a Combat Aviation Brigade was challenged by fellow soldiers killed in action, suicide, and tragic civilian casualties.

Education / Professional

Upon returning home, Ben completed his bachelors in Music and Biblical studies. After graduation, Ben became the sales director with a startup creative agency and in over 3 years acquired clients such as the Minnesota Vikings, Polaris, and Sleep Number.


In the beginning of 2016 he felt the call to start a mission to help veterans and their families heal from their experiences. Ben travels the country speaking in businesses, non-profits, churches, military installations and schools about his time in the military and the journey of coming home. After battling post traumatic stress, alcohol dependency and family issues, Ben turned to his faith, community, counseling and recreation to recover from the traumatic experiences of combat. The power of Ben’s story is his ability to bring authenticity and honesty while breaking down the of core principles of resiliency. He is an inspiring speaker who will greatly bless any audience of leaders, military, veterans and their families.

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