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  • Our God is the God who heals!
    Mathia went to his first event with Engage Your Destiny – and he saw Jesus work powerfully. Now he’ll never be the same! Watch the video testimonial and feel the spirit move the way we did.
  • Soul Care That’s Got Your Six: Peace-keeping strategies for soldiers battling PTSD
    For many military service members or veterans, it’s easy to assume that PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) just comes with the territory. That it’s part of the tour you sign up for. The truth is, it’s not. PTSD doesn’t come standard with your service, nor is it your destiny. While you can’t control the combat exposure, […]
  • Stop anxiety in its tracks with this one small step
    There’s a question I hear a lot these days from fellow combat veterans and members of the military… “Why am I so anxious?” It’s a question that you can likely resonate with. I know I can. When you’re in a combat zone, you are under the constant threat of death. You’re in a battle operation […]