Decisions Decisions

What do I want to do with my life? What is my purpose? How do I become a good man? Could I be a better mother? Do I have a destiny? Why can't I just be happy? These are the questions we ask ourselves. We're searching for meaning and longing for a purpose. Even the...

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Get Your Hopes Up

Hi Friends! My apologies for the lack of blogs lately. The ministry has been growing and I am working into the groove to manage it all 🙂 This is a very simply blog, but I just know it will bless you. God has been speaking to my heart about faith. The other night I...

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The Will in Your Heart

Do you ever struggle with knowing, questioning, or thinking about what God’s will is for your life? I know I do. It can be such a tough road to travel with ditches on both sides. This is a very simple blog because I want to share a very simple truth with you. The...

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The Five Why’s

Last night on my flight to Norfolk I met a very interesting man. He works for IBM, has been a professional drummer, pilot in the air force and dreams to start a bike co-op that will give the opportunity for those struggling in poverty to be able to travel to a job. We...

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Dream AND Do

I have a friend who is the most incredible guitar player you have ever met.  Eddie Van Halen status… maybe better. He hasn’t been playing guitar and went to go get a “real job” simply because he needed to be responsible and pay his bills. Respectable, but not...

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When It’s Time, It’s Time

I want you to think back to the last time you had to wait for something. Anything. Maybe you're right in the middle of waiting. We stress so much about when something is going to happen that we lose perspective on perfect timing. Jesus waited thirty years to start His...

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Sabbath Like A Rockstar

Do you ever feel burned out? Tired? Like you have to drag yourself out of bed, down coffee, and push with all you have just to get through the day? It’s funny. You would think that a tired/burned out lifestyle is the American standard. Whenever I have a conversation,...

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