Caves and Carpenters

“If it was easy… everyone would be doing it!” How often do you hear this phrase when you’re going after something? Training, taking night classes, starting a business, chasing your dreams, or just staying disciplined in the gym. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

We are often faced with the brutal reality that anything great, takes time. Technology can keep making and creating the world around us to be faster or easier. But, it isn’t going to change the laws and principles of life. There is one principle in us that we can’t change, becoming or building anything great… just…takes… time.

I was reflecting on David in the cave this morning. David is from the Old Testament of the Bible and was destined to be King over all of Israel. The promise came, before the opportunity. David experienced success and opportunities to serve in leadership before becoming King but then many circumstances that were completely out of his control caused him to hide and run for his life… in caves.

Caves are dark, cold, and lonely. But it’s in a cave where kings are made. Where patience is formed and leaders learn how to depend on God. Because that is what life is really all about, learning to depend on God.

God has called me to be a leader. At the same time, I make a lot of mistakes professionally, morally, spiritually and with my family. I am far from perfect. There has never been a perfect leader, so if you think you have to be perfect to lead or be anything great, it’s time to change your thinking.

Making mistakes or struggling at times is not the defining marker for who you are. The defining characteristic of a man or woman is their ability to depend on God. Life will take us through so many struggles which look like caves. We can’t change the cave but we can change how we thrive in it.

It’s our choice to turn to God in prayer and ask Him for strength. It’s up to us to seek Him by joining in community with others believers.

There once was a man who was destined to be the King of the universe. But first, he had to become a carpenter. Once he became a carpenter, he was fit to be a King. The King of our souls, Jesus Christ.

Caves and carpenters. We have to become a carpenter before we can take the position of a king. We have to go through a cave or two so we can be conditioned in the rock solid quality of being totally and completely dependent on God.

The best is coming for your life,


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