Compare Me To No One

Alright look. Life is a freaking roller-coaster. One day you think you can do anything, the next you’re lucky if you feel like you can keep your head above water.

I talk to so many different people in a given week and the only common thing I see  is that everyone is in a different place in life.

So, if that is the most common thing among all of us, that each one is at a different place on the journey, then why on earth would you spend a moment of your day comparing what you have to someone else?

It’s common nature. Jesus addressed it constantly in the Gospels because it’s in people’s nature to want what they don’t have.

Think about this: the Bible says that we are made in the image of God. Well God is a jealous God and He wants a relationship with every single person on the planet. All 7 billion or whatever the number is. He wants all of us!

So, since we are made in God’s image it is natural for us to want what we don’t have, because God does it every second of every day! He doesn’t have a relationship with everyone though He desperately wants it. But, what God does do, is delight in the relationships He does have 🙂

I want you to delight in what you do have, to compare yourself to NO ONE.

I want you to be content with you. I want you to find a peace about where you’re at and just chill the heck out. Calm thyself. If this thing wasn’t a journey of patience and determination then the satisfaction that comes from crossing the finish line wouldn’t be sweet at all.

Think about these truths:

-If you got what you wanted every time you wanted it, then there would be no sweetness in the reward.

-If you never got hurt then that means that you never cared for anything.

-If  your character was full and complete right now, there would be nothing left to learn and absolutely no more deep revelations when you go: A-HAH! I get it!

-If you never fell down and screwed up, you would never have to get back up… becoming a person of substance… who just won’t quit.

I’m going to just speak from my heart and hope that you receive: Maybe you will never find true love. Maybe you will never make a lot of money. Maybe you won’t see your dream come true. Maybe all the things that you are clinging to are just not what the journey has in store for you. But… Would that be the worst thing in the world?

Maybe, we just need to quit being so dissatisfied with what we don’t have and count the IMMEASURABLE blessings we do have.

Maybe then… and only then… would we be ready to receive what our hearts desire.

It’s time to let go and embrace today, comparing yourself to no one.

The best is coming for your life,