Decisions Decisions

What do I want to do with my life?

What is my purpose?

How do I become a good man?

Could I be a better mother?

Do I have a destiny?

Why can’t I just be happy?

These are the questions we ask ourselves. We’re searching for meaning and longing for a purpose. Even the folks who are lucky enough to find their purpose, still struggle with feeling like they are far from their potential.

I really believe that comparison is the thief of Joy. When we compare our lives with others, we are going to struggle to find a peace and joy with the journey we’re on. So, I say that to say: let’s not look at what anyone else has or is achieving, for the sake of this blog post, let’s just let you be enough ūüôā

We have decisions that are placed in front of us everyday. Some are greater than others. Like how am I going to work through a problem with a colleague who is making me look bad or more importantly, should I brew a cup of coffee before I go to Starbucks so I can have the patience to wait in line for my coffee. Man, decision are tough.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine was considering quitting her job to start her own business and like anyone of us, was dealing with the fear of the unknown. I said to her, ” even if you get it wrong… do you believe that God is big enough to take care of you, and meet your needs?” Because the truth is, that He really is greater than our decisions.

I am not giving you permission to do what you want. But so many times we delay making a decision for fear of failing or falling. And all I am saying is that the question is not, what if you fail… but what if you fly? And if God is with you, than who can be against you?

If God is on our side, we can do all things. That’s a promise that we have. Even if we miss it, even if we leap too far, even if we stretch too hard, we have a God that can handle it. He can handle you. He is big enough to land you when you leap.

So have faith, great things are coming to your life.

Ben Peterson

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