Do You Play?

Now that may sound like a weird title.. But you know me 🙂 Let’s have some fun.

Do you play? When is the last time you really felt the thrill and exhilaration of freedom?

We have a “play deprivation” in our society. We work, go, connect, talk, discuss, meet, engage, live, imagine… but do we play? Do you ever just play?

A couple of months ago I was on a missions trip in Peru. We were there to build a retreat center in the jungle for pastors. It was a wonderful trip. We were right on the Amazon River and it was a sight to behold. The Amazon River is an absolute powerhouse of life.

We were swimming over the lunch hour to take a break from our work. Standing knee deep in the water I heard a child’s laughter and turned to look over my left shoulder.

What I saw, struck my heart.

It was a 6 year old boy and his dog. They were running along the beach chasing each other. The little boy would pick up mud and throw it at his dog Shadow, then he would quickly run away as Shadow chased him.

I looked at that little boy and was overcome with jealousy. Honestly. All I could think was, “I want that. I want that kind of freedom. I just want to feel goofy and carefree… I want to have fun.”

I was worried, though. Worried about looking foolish, pulling a muscle, or over-exerting myself. It took about 8 seconds before I realized how stupid my thoughts were. Taking one look at the group of guys, smiling, I dashed out of the river to chase the boy and his companion. It was one of the most liberating moments of my year. Just playing… to play. No other reason.

We are so concerned with living life that we forget to simply live it.

My heart for you today is to find your smile 🙂 I want you to find your play again. I want you to forget for five minutes the reason, health benefits or strengths of playing and just go play. Go have fun.

It’s raining out? Go for a run! You see a beach? Kick off your shoes and go get sandy. Walking by a basketball court? Ask to join in!

Even as I’m writing this blog a friend of mine just texted me asking if I want to go play some tennis… 🙂 So I’ll see you guys later!

Go. Play.

Turn off your phone. Shut off your mind. Go. Play.

The best is coming for your life,


Ben Peterson