Drawing Near

Last night I was laying in my Airbnb bed reading an adventure book. It was all about these fearless explorers who were defying death, frostbite, 80mph winds, snow storms and starvation all racing to become the first nation to reach the south pole. It’s like the freaking most intense book I’ve ever read. But, I was lying there and I kept getting text messages. My fault really, I could have focused in on this amazing story but no, I chose to keep texting. Over the course of 40 minutes… I read three pages. #yikes Can you relate?

Our inability to focus on one thing at a time is pure insanity. I keep seeing young people today move from one thing to the next because we just can’t seem to feel fulfilled in our jobs, relationships, and opportunities. Nothing seems to satisfy and we can’t shake this lingering thought: what if there is something better?

Tonight, I put my phone away and spent some time with God. It was awesome. I got very quiet, very still and just kept repeating the verse in James: “If you draw near to God, He will draw near to you…”

Wow. Just think on that one sentence for a moment. If I draw near to Him, then the King of the Universe who holds it all in the palm of His hand, who literally is the complete picture of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self control… will draw closer to me. Me… and who am I… without Him… I am nothing.

I really want to challenge you today… but what else is new 🙂 The point of this blog is to push you to focus on one thing: Drawing near to God.

Oh man, just think of what is possible when you draw near to God. When you really seek Him. When you spend time away from the world, away from your phone, in a closed bedroom, on your knees, just seeking the Father.

The Bible says that what is done in the secret place will be rewarded in open, by the Father. Not only that but your ability to focus on one thing at a time, for a period of time, will give you so much contentment throughout the day.

I have been on a social media fast and can honestly say my contentment has been through the roof. Why? Because I’m not looking at a bunch of stuff other people have or are experiencing? Maybe. Maybe it’s just the fact that I am staying with projects and opportunities while not getting distracted which brings so much satisfaction… theirin lies a true form of contentment.

So, take it easy and give yourself a break from the constant back and forth. Draw near to God. He will draw near to you. Which in and of itself is the greatest reward anyone of us could ask for.

The best is coming for your life.