Dream AND Do

I have a friend who is the most incredible guitar player you have ever met.  Eddie Van Halen status… maybe better.

He hasn’t been playing guitar and went to go get a “real job” simply because he needed to be responsible and pay his bills. Respectable, but not commendable. Not for this guy. I asked my friend what is the worst that would happen if you quit your job, moved to LA and worked full time on getting your music going? He said, “I don’t know man, if I fail, I’d have to move in with my parents.”

Really. That’s the worst thing that could happen!? Are you kidding me… If that’s the worst thing that could happen, then pal, you don’t got problems.

Going forward is pursuing what’s in your heart. The burning passion that you can’t contain and you can’t control. What if you fail… Oh my goodness, heaven forbid we would step out and fail.

I want you to ask yourself that question: What is the worst that could happen?

Seriously, ask yourself. “What is the worst that would happen to me if I pursued my dream?”

I want to really challenge you today to ask yourself and analyze the answer of what is the worst that could happen if you took a risk.

You could get rejected, you could fail, you could run out of money, on and on it goes.

But the upside…. if it outweighs the downside, oh man. There’s a wealth of experience and possibility on that side of the river.

I have been reading the book the Alchemist, it’s a fantastic fictional journey about a boy pursuing his own personal legend. The boy is a shepherd and he leaves his profession to pursue his dream. At one point in the journey he is questioning whether or not to keep moving forward or to go back to being a shepherd. Being a shepherd is safe, it’s what he knows. But he ultimately decides to follow his dream.

Here’s the bottom line to pursuing your destiny:

If you are in a particular field and you are good at it but you want to be or do something else: Go do it. If you fail, then you can go back to what you were doing. You know how to do what you’re doing and be successful at it. You will never lose that skill. But you will never know the feeling of stepping out into the wilderness to pursue your passion if you don’t step out and do it. Hear me say this: You can always go back but you only have one chance to go forward.

The best is coming for your life,