Everyone wants to be in love

They’re everywhere. Couples. In love. All the time. Coffee shops, around the lakes, restaurants, out hiking, movies, it’s almost like couple’s enjoy doing stuff together..

If you’re like me (single) you can’t help but notice it all around you, but you feel powerless to change it. It’s the nature of people. We were created for companionship. But what if it isn’t the right time for you to be dating? Is being in a relationship apart of what your purpose is for the here and now?

What if you have a destiny that is unlike the people around you. What if you have a different place in the stars where you will truly shine for the world?

I always think about why people do what they do. I am an analyst and I overdue it all the time. But I love it. I love to dissect people and their decisions. People are my greatest interest, passion and frustration. Have you ever wondered why people flock to bars, internet dating sites, social media, friends, church, get-togethers, all in search for their one true love…

Sometimes I feel like people are in love with being in love and not really with the other person they happen to be in a relationship with at the time. Most people don’t know how to do life by themselves.

Co-dependency is rampant in the US. We are co-dependent to our jobs, phones, friends, relationships, food, comfort, you name it, we can’t get enough of it. We have this deep longing to be loved and to give love.

But indulge my line of thinking for a moment and go down a rabbit hole with me. Imagine that your love is a tangible item that you can give to someone or something. It’s an energy you have that is waiting to be used and poured out.

People in their nature long to release this love into something they can see, hold, smell, taste and touch. It more often than not happens to be people because they are the most tangible, real, and beautiful thing we can find.

What if that love is meant for a different purpose. That energy that you long to release into another person’s heart could be intended for an altogether different calling that you haven’t discovered yet.

I love to pull stories from the Bible. Yes, I follow Jesus. He saved my life and I will never be ashamed of it.

Joseph was a baller status back in the Old Testament. He was good looking, from a wealthy family, very talented, a dreamer and intelligent. He got locked up in prison because some Orange County type house wife wanted to sleep with him and when he wouldn’t, he got locked up. While in prison a couple of Pharaoh’s servants were in with him and had some dreams that they wanted to get interpreted. Joseph looked at them and said, “I can do that.” He had never had that gifting or talent but he believed that his God was capable of all things and that He could fill him with those talents.

Well, long story short Joseph interprets the dreams and that gifting makes a way for him all the way to being one of the most powerful people in Egypt. It was a gifting he never knew he had until he just stepped out in some faith.

You have gifting’s and talents that you haven’t even realized yet. Are you busying yourself with relationships when you could be seeking out a destiny that you haven’t even realized yet?

Love is something that can be poured into anything. We can pour it into any natural gifting or talent and then share it with the world. So find your gifting. Stop trying to distract it with other things that it may not be time for yet.

The world is yours, so take delight.

Ben Peterson