Get Your Hopes Up

Hi Friends!

My apologies for the lack of blogs lately. The ministry has been growing and I am working into the groove to manage it all 🙂

This is a very simply blog, but I just know it will bless you. God has been speaking to my heart about faith.

The other night I was at a Bethel Worship concert and one song blew my freaking mind. It was called, “Get Your Hopes Up.”

The title alone shocked me because to be honest, all my life I have been told not to get my hopes up. Perhaps you can relate to this but from when I was a little boy all the way to becoming a man, my Mother has said to me, “oh honey, I don’t want you to get your hopes up, I would hate for you to be disappointed.” For years I have had those words in my head, don’t get your hopes up, don’t get your hopes up.

My ministry is launching a campaign of events to bring healing into veterans and their families lives. I have been so afraid that people won’t come and trying not to get my hopes up, because getting disappointed sucks.

But, that isn’t what faith is. It’s not who we’re called to be. The moment I heard that song begin to play, I heard so softly in my heart, “Ben, it’s time to get your hopes up, it’s time to believe in Me, to have faith for good success.”

Let me share this with you my friends; faith, no matter how weak it is, faith can change an outcome. Faith moves a mountain. Faith can change a marriage, impact a relationship, bring in a new client, a new opportunity, heal a person’s body, you name it, Faith Changes Outcomes.

Let’s just say that no one would come to my events. No matter how great or well intentioned they are, no one would show up. I am going to argue right now, that my faith can completely change that outcome. From no attendance, to standing room only. Faith changes everything.

What do you need to have faith for today? What your audience that you are fearing won’t show up?

It’s time to choose faith, your faith can make the difference.

The best is coming for your life,

Ben Peterson