I Just Can’t Stop

What’s your passion? Really.. Do you know?

We can be passionate about a million different things. Just think about how nuts people get for their favorite sports team. We celebrate when they are victorious and are devastated with defeat. (Vikings fans, our time is coming!)

There are endless opportunities to dispense passion, energy and giftings. But at the end of the day what is your true passion? Your TRUE passion… Let’s even go a little deeper and ask… why are you here?

Over the course of my life I have noticed a pattern with people who find true success in the world. What’s so funny to me, is that most of us completely miss it… and the answer is right in front of our noses.

Now, let me take you on a short little journey 🙂

When I was going to college at North Central University the leading program for new students to enroll in was music. Northcentral was cranking out music majors like Oreos crank out calories. (Now they have a triple stuff!! What are they nuts?!)

When I left North Central a new professor came in and took over the school of business. His name is Bill Tibbetts. Bill is a teacher and frankly he can’t, stop, teaching. He couldn’t if he tried with all his might. It’s the one thing he can’t stop doing. You sit with Bill over coffee and he’s teaching you. Sit in his class, teaching. Go to him to be mentored, teaching. Asked to preach… and he teaches!

Let me tell you this… over the last 4 years the School of Business has now become the leading program that new students select when they attend North Central. Bill has changed the entire culture of a University because he does, what he can’t stop doing.

Mother Theresa couldn’t stop being around the poor. She changed the world.

CS Lewis couldn’t stop communicating his thoughts and ideas through writing. He changed the world.

Jesus… well enough said 🙂

These people found the secret… whether they knew it or not. They did with their lives what they couldn’t stop doing. And it was just ONE thing. 

Now let me leave you with this.  Some people can’t stop eating Oreos. That’s not where this fits. The one thing the greatest people who walked the face of this earth did is find a specific area to GIVE and in that place, they just couldn’t stop.

You were designed with a purpose. God is a creator and He doesn’t create anything without a purpose. There simply would be no point.

So, if you were created with a purpose then there has to be one thing, one area where you, yes you, can dive deeper than you ever imagined. There is one place to give to the world with the one thing you just can’t stop doing.

And here’s the good part, you don’t ever have to stop.

The best is coming for your life,