The Need

The United States Military has been at war for 22 years. The long term effects on our military, veterans and their families go beyond what we ever could have imagined. It’s why we exist and it’s what we fight for.

Veterans Commit Suicide A Day


of Suicides are Vietnam Veterans


Veteran Divorce Rate


Millennial Servicemembers Born into Fatherless Home

VA Service line Calls Per Day

“I lost one of my men the night our generator shut down. This Man was a hero to me for when we under came sniper fire he shoved me under the generator and took my bullet. It seems the older we get the memories come back to haunt you especially how we were treated when we came home. I am from a small town in MD and I had to put up with a lot. When we landed in Washington DC we didn’t land at the terminals. They landed us out on the strip for the airport was over run by protestors. They brought us thru cattle gate and we were spit on and called names. The wounds are so deep after all these years gone by. Only God can help us, we’ve been carrying all of this for too many years. Thank you for all you’re doing to bring the healing we need.”

-John (Vietnam War)

The Impact


Over the last 5 years, we have been blessed and empowered by faith to bring life, hope and healing to our local veteran communities, families and active duty military stationed all over the world.

Military Trained Through Resiliency Classes


Responses to Faith


Connected into Small Groups


We have soldiers in boot camp at Fort Benning to Rangers in Afghanistan who are are engaging with these messages from all over the world.

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Veterans, Military and Family Connected to Resources

“I was deployed to Iraq and fought in the initial push into Baghdad. One day, My ex wife got pregnant by another man and I shot a kid who aimed a weapon at me. I still dream about today. I can’t hardly sleep without reliving that day. I turned to drugs, alcohol and tried to kill myself but the good Lord had a greater plan for me. I don’t know what it is yet. He is still working on me. Not to many people know what we go through on a daily bases just to thank God that we get to see another day. I fight depression everyday. With people like you I know that God will see me through no matter what it is. What made the difference for me was knowing that someone cares as much as Engage Your Destiny, to do what you’re doing for us.”

-Jonathan (Iraq War)