Incredible, Even Impossible

When I say the word “Faith” what comes to mind? I mean really, what does it truly mean to have faith? I have found throughout my life that the journey of faith has been a rollercoaster. There have been moments of such tremendous faith where I was certain if I lept off a cliff I would fly like Peter Pan and times where getting up off the ground felt impossible.

Story One: I remember being in basic training for the Army. We would be up every morning at 4am. Everything had to be perfect and clean for inspection at 5:00am. Now, in a large room that housed 60 adult males, perfect cleanliness is exactly what you can imagine… impossible. The drill sergeants would come in, find a hanger or a spec of dust out of place and we would get “smoked.” Now, smoking entails the following: pushups until you couldn’t push anymore. Then you would flip on your back and do flutter kicks until you couldn’t flutter any more. Then you would get up on your hands/feet and do mountain climbers until… you guessed it! Until we couldn’t do them anymore and the process would begin again with push-ups.

Then we would go down for morning formation. Someone would always be late and of course we would be punished as a team by getting “smoked.” Then, we went out to the Physical Training field to start working out. It was 5:30 in the morning and our tanks were already on empty. We would do this one warm-up exercise where we would lie on our backs and then sit up to touch our toes then lie back down. There was always this 7 second lull when the Drill Sergeant would stand up to call us to attention and it was this tiny little break where I would stare up at the stars. I would lie there and think, what in God’s name am I doing here? This is impossible. Then the Drill Sergeant would call us to attention and it literally took everything I had to get up off the ground.

Story Two: Last week, I was in the mountains snowboarding with one of my best friends, Nate. We were tearing down this black diamond navigating through endless trees and tumultuous powder. Suddenly, Nate stopped because he was unsure of his route. I was going way too fast and tried to stop but my snowboard came in from his side and clipped his knee. It was bad. Now, Nate is a tough dude and he said he was fine. We made it down the hill and over to the chair lift. As we got on Nate was groaning in agony. His knee after the hit and getting down the mountain was in rough shape. He was thinking we were going to need to call medical patrol to take him to a hospital. Sitting there in that moment I was just like, this is dumb… it was an accident. God can do anything. Why wouldn’t He want to do a miracle right now?!

I laid my hand on Nate’s knee and just said, “Holy Spirit I ask that you would heal my friend’s knee. Jesus, go into this knee and heal it right now. You are a good God and You love us. You don’t want us in pain, Lord this was an accident and there is no reason for my friend to be hurt. Heal him Jesus. Amen.”

Believe it or not, by the time we reached to top of the hill and got off the ski lift, Nate’s knee was completely healed. No pain. We boarded the rest of the day like machines.

What’s the point of these two stories? The point is sometimes, getting off the ground because of the weight of your hurt, pain, depression, anxiety, fear, and all that it is crushing you down to the bottom takes incredible faith to simply keep going. But, it takes going through those bone crushing hurts and experiences for our faith to get strong. How do you strengthen a muscle? By tearing it up, letting it heal, then tearing it again.

So, no matter where you are today, have faith. Because what you’re going through is going to come through on the other side better than you could have imagined and you will have the faith to do the incredible and even, the impossible.

The best is coming for your life,