It’s Time To Move

Everyone is on a journey. We all have a destination in mind… but I want you to ask yourself.. In this journey called life, are you really living it to the fullest? Are you letting worry, fear and doubt dominate the way you make decisions? Does life have to be this way..

I have found a wonderful piece of wisdom through navigating the startup life that is going to reassure you in peace and clarity.

The other morning I was driving myself crazy over a conflict with a close friend. It was not an easy situation and I was very unsure as to how to handle it.

Do I text them.. Do I leave it alone.. Should I call… What should I say…

You’ve been through this and we both know it isn’t fun.

After some reflection I sat on my porch to pray and heard something so wonderful.

In my heart, in the softest voice, this tiny whisper spoke so much freedom to my situation. Here’s what I heard:

“Ben, my path is narrow… but it isn’t a tightrope.”

Now I want you to think about that. How often do you feel like in a tough situation that one wrong move and you’re finished, done, that’s it for me.

We treat our actions like we’re on a tightrope. One mistake, angle, thought, or even breath and it’s over. But to be honest, life just doesn’t work that way and neither does God.

Now I want you to think about a narrow path. When you’re climbing a mountain you are very cautious of the path… but there is room to navigate, breath, take a picture, and when you wander off the path… you stay VERY conscious of where the path is… because it’s narrow and you don’t want to lose your way!

I want to reassure your heart today that no matter what you’re facing, God is with you and far bigger than any mistake you could make. You are called to a higher standard to live with intention, purpose and vision. But, there is no need to sweat the small stuff and drive yourself crazy constantly about making the wrong move.

So 🙂 Text that girl! Ask for the sale! Knock on that closed door again! Have faith! Be Bold! Reach out for forgiveness! Admit your faults! Be transparent! Share your story! Embrace the fear you’re feeling..

I remember one time before I was about to get up and speak in front of a large crowd feeling nerves beyond belief. Sitting there I couldn’t help but pray adamantly for God to take them away. Then again, I heard so softly in my heart: If I took those feelings away.. It just wouldn’t be any fun. 🙂

The best is coming for your life,
Ben Peterson