Love is patient.

I want you to imagine for a moment that you have everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Every desire completely fulfilled and you literally are left without want.

What does it look like? Are you rich? Madly in love? Famous? What do you really want? Why do you really want it? And if you had it… would you really be happy?

When I was a kid, I always dreamed of being a combat hero. I longed to go down in a blaze of glory behind a big machine gun saving all my buddies lives while sacrificing my own. Oh yea, just like in the movies. That’s every kids dream right?

At 17, I joined the military while we were in the heat of the Iraq war. I was going to be apart of it and I was going to be a hero. I deployed to Iraq at 21 and endured one year in a combat zone. Only, there were no wildly heroic efforts, no blazes of glory, and no opportunities for any medals of honor.

That experience taught me something very special. It taught me about patience.

The verse that I read every day in Iraq was: Count it all joy brothers when you meet various trials, knowing that the trying of your faith produces patience, so let patience have its perfect work in you so you may be perfect and complete lacking nothing. (James 1)

This experience taught me that you could go into any situation with an expectation but have to completely change your focus because the end result, the reason you were put there, has everything to do with the destiny of your heart.

Love is patient.

When you think of love you think of the heart. They go hand in hand. So if love is patient then patience has to have an incredible impact on our hearts. I simply cannot see it any other way.

When we go into situations with an expectation; a new relationship, a new job, whatever relates to you this moment, we go in with our hearts desire. And if you’ve been around this block a few minutes you know more often than not what we expect is just not what takes place.

What inevitably comes is the overwhelming and unavoidable feeling of disappointment. Disappointment can drive us to so many different actions, most of which are self-destructive.

I have lived a very self-destructive life, though most people wouldn’t believe it. I’ve turned to alcohol, drugs, women, pornography, adventure, and thrills, anything that would mask the pain of the disappointment. But in the end, all I was left with was a broken heart.

A broken heart is desperate for another taste of relief… or a touch of love, what it was designed for.

Your heart was designed for love.

The bible say’s that God is love. We need Him. We need Him. We need…..Him.

Engage with God and He will heal your heart. He will pour his eternal, unending love into your heart and fill you with the patience you need to endure.

Love is patient.

Sometimes you have to dig deep. You have to push back. You have to say no to the lies in your head and answer that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

I give you permission, to stand.

You have to press in, pray, study, worship, tell the devil he’s defeated and proclaim victory over your life. You have to labor to enter into rest.

God fought for your freedom, sometimes we have to fight to just to be open enough to receive it.

I want to finish this blog filling you with truth.

“The Scripture says, No man who believes in Him [who adheres to, relies on, and trusts in Him] will [ever] be put to shame or be disappointed.

Romans 10:11 AMP

“Yes, let none who trust and wait hopefully and look for You be put to shame or be disappointed; let them be ashamed who forsake the right or deal treacherously without cause. Show me Your ways, O Lord; teach me Your paths. Guide me in Your truth and faithfulness and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation; for You [You only and altogether] do I wait [expectantly] all the day long.”

Psalm 25:3–5 AMP

Love is patient and the best is yet to come for your life,

Ben Peterson