My Testimony

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I have always known God.

I have always known God. Though there have been times in my life where I have made poor choices and not followed him, I have always known Him.

High School was a very difficult time for me… I never cliqued with any groups. So I was a floater. Knew everyone, friends with what felt like no one. When I was 16, I was at party and started smoking pot. Instantly, I had a crew of friends. I was accepted. I found love. Heavy drinking soon followed.

The bully of our high school was named Jason Anderson. He was the star athlete of everything and I am sure you know the type. One summer he went to a “God” camp and got saved. He was also filled with the Holy Spirit. I witnessed him my junior year at our catholic school walking through the halls praying for people and leading them to Jesus. He started a worship service called: “Touch Worship.” come and be touched by God.

It was in that service, for the first time, I felt God and gave my life to Him.

Soon after at 17 I joined the United States Military. I wanted to go to combat.

After Basic training I went to college, got into sales, and was part time with the army national guard. Alcohol came back into my life. I wanted to be accepted in college. The next two years were a blur. I was nowhere near following God.

One night after putting down 20 drinks at a party I drove home at 3AM. I got pulled over and I was blackout drunk. The officer let me off with a warning for a broken taillight. It was a miracle.

The next night I went to church with a friend. Afterwards we went out to eat and sitting at the table next to us were my soon to be mentors who knew my friend. They would be my mentors for the next nine years. God is merciful.

I sat with them and they believed that God’s Word is as real today as when it was written. They believed the Holy Spirit is alive today. I felt God like I felt him at the Touch Worship Service. I went to their bible study the next week and re-dedicated my life to the Lord. Then… I found out I was being deployed to Iraq.

I was deployed at 21 to a deadly combat zone. Our unit was a combat aviation brigade. If anyone flew on a bird in 2008-09 they flew with us. I was a Chaplains Assistant in the Army. I protected the Chaplain as his bodyguard and served as his ministry assistant. The only way I can describe my tour, is it was an experience of the absolute worst of humanity. I have never again seen so much evil.

Coming home was tough. I started drinking again for a short period of time. I didn’t know how to deal with the pain. It was a short season. So many amazing Christians surrounded me and carried me through it. God is faithful.

I ended up at North Central University in Minneapolis and got a bachelor’s degree in Worship Leading with a Bible Minor.

Upon graduating I wanted to go headfirst into ministry, but I couldn’t find any opportunities. I ended up refinishing hardwood floors to make ends meat. It was the most humbling experience of my life. Then a door opened at a creative agency startup. A friend of mine needed me to grow the organization.

In my three years I grew sales by 30% annually, each year. God blessed us.

Two years ago my best friend committed suicide. It was one of the most devastating experiences of my life. We live in a broken world.

God called me to start this Ministry. I was seeking the Lord in prayer asking Him what he wants me to do… I heard Him say loud and clear in my heart, “GO.”

After I put in my one month notice at the agency I got home and opened up my LIFE VERSE Isaiah 6:8, “Here am I, Send Me.” Verse 9 says, “And God said, GO.

All of these stories and many more in greater detail are in my book JUST ASK.

My Mission is to inspire you to engage with God so you can fulfill your destiny.

Let’s go change the world,

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