No Mountain Is Greater

Being in the ministry I often hear from people who are frustrated with defeat. Especially with turning back to struggles they thought had been long conquered. Just when we think we’ve got something beat, more often not, it rears it’s ugly head to remind us just how human we are.

I know in my own life the battle of overeating and sexual desire are a daily temptation. These are issues if I don’t take head on, thank God for victory from and consciously stay alert to the temptations, I will go down that path.

No one is perfect and none of us (even ministers) are immune to the lures of sin, frustration, heartache, disappointment and struggle. The good news is that I had a wonderful revelation this week which I am so excited to share with you.

In 1924 after several failed attempts to summit Mount Everest, George Mallory and his team went to get better funding, training and preparation to reach the pinnacle of victory. However, even after all the preparation, they failed and lost several teammates in a devastating storm where Mallory himself was lost to the mountain.

In the return to England, the Queen and several dignitaries hosted a welcome home party for those that survived the expedition. While holding back tears, the members pointed in the direction of Everest and said, “That mountain cannot grow any bigger, but we can. That mountain cannot get any stronger but we can. We can only become the individuals that will beat that mountain, because that mountain cannot change, but, we can.

This is what I want to share with you today my friends: No matter what the obstacle is, you can grow bigger, stronger and greater than your mountain.

Though it may be towering, though the situation may seem dire, you are greater, you are greater than your defeat. No mountain is greater than who you are becoming. You need to dig deep, get to work and become the man or woman of God you have been called to be.

The best is coming for you life,

Ben Peterson

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