Pardon the Interruption

I’m a storyteller. Telling stories is by far one of my greatest joys in life. But there is one thing that comes with being a storyteller, interruptions.

As much as I love telling stories… I also hate (yes hate) being interrupted. You see, there is a certain rhythm and flow that goes into telling a story. When you are stopped for any reason at all, people lose focus, they forget details and getting back on track is very difficult. It’s not the end of the world… well kind of… but not really 😉

When Jesus started his ministry the first thing He did, after turning water into wine to keep the party going at a wedding, was call people to follow Him.

I want you to imagine you are in the middle of your work day, emails are flowing into your inbox, the phone is ringing, meetings on top of meetings are getting scheduled when all of a sudden a man, unlike any other, walks by your desk.

He seems so different, everything about Him makes your heart burn with passion, identity, truth, hope and light. All He has to do is look at you… and everything changes.

Then He opens His mouth and says, come follow Me.

You don’t even give it a second thought… You just get up and go.

People (like me) hate being interrupted because we have plans, goals and expectations. When anything gets in the way, we get frustrated and freak out because what we had in mind… isn’t coming to be.

Sound familiar?

I have news for you today my friend: the life of faith just doesn’t work that way. When it is God’s time to call you to do something… It doesn’t matter how many emails you have to answer, what your boss wants, or where your priorities are at… He calls, you respond, and the world changes.

The disciples whom Jesus called turned the world upside down. They changed everything. Billions of people have followed the faith of Jesus Christ simply because a few people answered, got up, and obeyed.

There were also people who came to follow Him and they had several expectations. They wanted a miracle and He asked them to believe. They turned away because He didn’t meet their “expectations.” Just think of what they missed…

My challenge to you today is to let go. Simply let go. Let go of your expectations, goals and desires. Cast those cares onto the King of the Universe who cares for you and says that He will meet all of your needs according to His stockpiles in Heaven.

That is how we operate in the Kingdom of Heaven. It’s the battle in your mind. To let go and entrust all that you are into God. That way when He comes to call, you won’t hesitate to Pardon the Interruption.


The best is coming for your life,