Power in Weakness

Do you every struggle with being weak? Do you feel like weakness is a shameful thing? What is weakness and why do we deal with it?

We live in a charmed society where no one wants to look at or deal with the bad. We focus on our strengths, really only the things we’re good at. But how often do we completely miss the good that is in the bad or the strength that is in the weakness.

I was listening to a CEO the other day talk about how his greatest strength is pointing out his greatest weaknesses. I thought this was very interesting because he knows where he fits, where he belongs and where he doesn’t. He also is continually refining himself to become a better version of himself each day.

Paul in the Bible talked about how when he was weak, he was strong, because it was then and only then where he felt like he could put his complete faith in God, trusting Him for everything. This is a position of weakness, but it opens your spirit to the true strength of God. Paul also said that his strength was made perfect in weakness. Man, what a backwards statement but when you really think about it, you realize that it is in God where our strength is truly found.

I can honestly say quitting my job to follow the call of God has been the greatest test of my mental fortitude, will, faith, determination, strength and perseverance. Through it all I have grown so close to God through many weak moments, so many bone crushing blows where I look up to heaven and say, “I don’t know if I can do this.”

But I have found through this journey of weakness and challenges what is most important: My RELATIONSHIP with God has become iron clad.

In the end my friends, relationship really is all that matters. So, let your weakness bring you to the One who will make you strong and the gift you will gain is the greatest you could ever dream of… A relationship with the kindest, most loving person I have ever known… Jesus Christ.

The best is coming for you life,


If you are active military, a veteran or a family member, our ministry is here to support you. We want to help get you plugged into a good local church body so you can thrive in community with other strong military members who are Christians. Please, email Mary@engageyourdestiny.com for assistance to find a local community near you