Prayer, The Defining Moment

What does prayer mean to you? What role does it play in your life?

If you were to put a gauge on how well I’m doing and compare it to how much I’m praying, 10 times out of 10, there is a direct correlation.

Prayer is our connection to the most powerfully loving Creator of all things that are good. It’s how we ask for direction, guidance, peace and provision. Prayer is the model of giving God praise for how amazing He truly is. Prayer embodies humility because in order to pray you are acknowledging that He is God and you are not.

The act of praying has taken so many forms in my life. It’s been a cry for help and moments of sheer joy in thankfulness. I want to tell you a story of prayer that relates to a cry for His help.

At the end of last year I closed a very large contract with a top university out east. It was an enormous win for the company and once again, I was the hero. Men love being the hero. We get so much joy out of winning the big opportunity, coming to the rescue, fixing the problem. It’s our inherent need to feel wanted. To feel like we have a purpose in the world. That’s why the Word says; men perish for lack of vision or purpose.

Over the last few months the relationship with the client seemed to go from great, to not worse, but just not great. We were pulling our hair out because, well, they just didn’t get it! And we were getting the message from them that we didn’t get it! But, we were serving the client well, meeting in the middle on ideas and producing great content.

Last week, I got blindsided on a conference call. Out of nowhere they informed me they had decided to cancel our contract. I was stunned. I had never felt so betrayed in my career. I did everything I could to try to save the relationship but their minds were made up.

This meant paying back the large retainer they had sent us minus the work we had already done. I worked with my internal champion to try to save the deal but it was no use.

In the middle of the crazy, I went to our storage area to get some materials for a co-worker. I was alone. I leaned forward on a table, bowed my head and cried out for help.

God, I’m having a really hard time here. This sucks and I don’t want to go through it. Help me. Give me strength. I pray that we could save this client but if that isn’t Your will, then give me Your peace to accept it and get through this. Amen.

The second I said amen, I felt the goodness and peace of God wash over me. It was going to be ok.

We ended up losing the client. We worked through everything and to tell you the truth, it really was ok.

We don’t realize that in the heat of chaos, it really is going to be ok. This story reminds me of Jesus in the garden. He asked for what he wanted, for Him not to have to go through the crucifixion. But then He prayed,” not My will be done, Father let Your will be done. “

That my friend is prayer. Ask for your hearts desire, ask for what you want but in the end it’s Father, I trust You, let Your will be done.

The Bible says we will share in the sufferings of Christ. We think we can change our circumstances but more often than not our circumstances are changing us. (Love Does)

Have faith, let go and trust Him. He loves you and is never going to leave you, no matter what the circumstance.

The best is yet to come for your life,

Ben Peterson