Sabbath Like A Rockstar

Do you ever feel burned out? Tired? Like you have to drag yourself out of bed, down coffee, and push with all you have just to get through the day? It’s funny. You would think that a tired/burned out lifestyle is the American standard.

Whenever I have a conversation, with a person, it feels like a broken record. Work is crazy. Work is insane. There’s so much happening with work. Man, work has been nuts lately. I hear these phrases 100 times per week.

Last year, I quit my job to start a ministry. After 6 months of running after it with everything I had. I got sick… and I couldn’t get better. It went on for 4 months. For 4 months I would gravitate from so sick I couldn’t function to not sick enough to stay in bed. It was miserable.

And for months I had people speaking into my life that rest is the key to optimum function. I got so sick of hearing of it. I was like rest?! Why would I rest?! There is so much to do!

Then, it clicked.

I was reading in the Old Testament and God is telling the Israelites over and over again to keep holy to sabbath day… to rest.

Here’s the deal, the entire country of Israel shuts down on Saturday. No driving, no shopping, no working, nothing. It is a day of complete rest. Last time I checked Israel is one of the most powerful countries in the world and Jews CRUSH it financially.

So I started to Sabbath, like a freaking rock star. And the results, over the top amazing.

Every Saturday I shut my phone off, I shut all technology off, I push myself, and believe me it takes a ton of effort… to rest. I read, I pray, I nap, I sit and think. I reflect on the previous week and journal. From 6AM to 6PM. I am shut off. And you better believe it… my energy has shot through the roof!

Think about it. God created the earth and then rested on the seventh day. He didn’t need to rest but He wanted to marvel at all He accomplished.

He wants the same thing for you. He wants you to celebrate all that He has done in your life over the last week and give you incredible perspective. He also wants you to relax, to enjoy yourself. I will literally sit and just think about the previous week and celebrate. It is wildly fulfilling.

Now it’s time for us to get down to the real issue here. Why don’t we rest?

We don’t rest because we don’t like who we are. We push and push and push to keep ourselves busy so that we don’t have to be around ourselves… by ourselves. Taking a day of complete rest forces you to be with you. To confront yourself, all the things you don’t like and deal with them. To calm down and to find peace in who you are. Friends, taking a Sabbath day has changed my life.

Also, I am so rested that I don’t spend my week obsessing about how tired I am. Then, life isn’t all about me… it’s about how I can serve the world.

What are you really afraid of? What are you hiding from? Go Sabbath like a Rock Star and you just might find what you’ve been longing for. Rest.

The best is coming for your life,