Starting. Running. Finishing.

Hop on social media. What do you we see? I’ll tell you what I see: wins, successes and big moments of achievement.

What we don’t see is the struggle. The late night nights, early mornings, the blood, sweat and tears that it takes… to make it.

I remember when I started in sales… man it was a gut grind. I was a selling for an agency no one had even heard of. So not only did I have to convince the decision makers we had a great product but that our company was good enough to deliver on it! It was a double whammy.

How often do you feel that way? Around every corner you face opposition… It’s the uphill struggle where it seems like you not only have to knock on a door but if you don’t pound, holler and scream…it will never open.

I want to share with you some wonderful insight God is showing me and will give you so much more balance to your outlook 🙂

When Jesus started His ministry, like most people who start anything, it began in His hometown. It says in the Bible that He could do no great miracles or works because of people’s unbelief towards Him. They didn’t have faith.

They saw the carpenter’s boy. No one who could ever be anything great.

Sometimes when you start it is so difficult because people have a predetermined view of you. They know you from the time you were little and their faith in you just doesn’t seem to measure up to your dreams and aspirations.

Starting is not easy.

Once you’ve started, continuing to progress and run is a huge challenge. All throughout Jesus’ ministry he had a very stubborn group of people constantly challenging and nagging Him. They were truly the Bane of His existence.

You are always going to meet opposition. People and situations will be around every corner to try to tear you down.

Running is not easy.

Once you’ve run, you have to finish! If we don’t finish, starting and running are meaningless. Well, when Jesus was about to finish His ministry, He was sweating blood because of the anguish He knew He was about to go through. Then He endured beatings, torture, ridicule and a death march to the finish line where He hung on the cross and died so we could have a relationship with God.

Let me tell you that starting, running, and finishing are all insanely hard. No one is greater than the other.

That is the point my friends. Jesus has run this race. He started, ran it and finished it. You have a God who loves you and can sympathize with every step of the journey.

Turn to Him. Cast your cares, worries, fears and anxieties on Him because He cares so much for you. He wants to give you everything you need to fulfill the purpose He placed in your heart.

Call on His name. Put one foot in front of the other. Pursue. Dream. Give. Go.

The world is waiting.

The best is coming for your life.