You Don’t Need Permission

Faith… It’s a funny thing isn’t it? Putting you hope and trust in a being that you can’t see, smell, hear, taste or touch…  Faith can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. In the older parts of the Bible we read about a #ballerstatus man whose name was David. 

David was a great and mighty king who God called, “a man after My heart.”

As Davis maneuvered through the mighty challenges of life, I can’t even begin to count how many times God spoke to David, telling him how to conquer each situation. David had an intimate relationship with God and loved God’s Word. Therefore he was able to hear and discern what God wanted him to do. Sounds pretty good eh?

But, that isn’t the point of my message.

You see, there is this one time in scripture where the Ark of the Covenant (This box that held the 10 commandments and the presence of God) was not with David the king. David consulted with His leaders and worshipped the Lord with all of his might. Then David decided to go after the Ark and secure it for his kingdom. God never told him to do this.

Once David secured the Ark of the Covenant, the blessing of the Lord increased in his life.

Here’s the deal, God wants to speak to you and lead you in all the details of your life except for one. He wants you to follow Him and lean into what He wants you to do as you navigate through life. But there is one area where you do not need God to lead you.

The one area where you absolutely do not need any prompting, leading, inspiration, or for God to speak to you… is you pursuing a deep and intimate relationship with Him!

The Bible says that when you draw near to God, He will draw near to you. It’s a promise. You don’t need any signs or invitations to know God more. You have the absolute freedom to go down deep into the most incredible relationship you could ever imagine, it’s with the Creator of the Universe. You don’t need any permission to know God. 

That’s why I want you to stop wondering where God is, it’s up to you to go and find Him!

I will never forget the headlines on September 12, 2001… There was a massive picture of the Twin towers collapsing and it said, WHERE WAS GOD. 

Our culture is constantly asking the wrong question in all the crazy. We ask where God is but the answer is it is up to you to go find Him!

It is on you to seek the Lord. So I command you today to be strong and courageous. To go after God in prayer. Ask Him to work in your life. Ask Him to lead you. Ask Him to show you what to do regarding each desire of your heart.

The good news is when you seek Him, you will find Him and the blessing of the Lord will flow into your life. That is why you have to stop wondering where God is. He is waiting for you the second you finish reading this blog to turn to Him with all your heart.

What you choose to do next is entirely up to you, He will always be waiting with outrageous anticipation to share one simple moment with you. He loves every second you give Him more than the human mind can even begin to comprehend.  

The best is coming for your life,