Telling Your Story

You, are unlike any other person on the planet. You’re unique. Being unique means there will never be anyone else like you. What makes this fact so special is an incomparable truth; that you were made by God.

Can we just sit there for a minute. Slow down. Stop. Don’t try to hurry through this blog so you can get on with your day. Slow down. Take a breath. Deep inhale….and a deep exhale. There, now we can get somewhere 🙂

You see, so often we forget that God made us. Well, if He made us, then He has to have a purpose for us. There simply cannot be any other reason.

When I sit down to get to know someone, I’m moderately interested in where they’re from, what they do for a living, and of course about their family. But, what I am truly fascinated with and desire to know more than anything else, is their story.

We can all relate to a story because there are moments of weakness, pain, happiness, fear, hope, deliverance, meaning, clarity and significance. These are all emotions and experiences we can relate to. That’s what we all want, to relate to people and simply to be understood. It all comes down to love. We all want to feel like we are loved and we matter. Stories make every ounce of this possible.

I run a ministry. But guess what… So do like a million other people. That’s not what makes me…me. It’s my story. It’s your story. Your story is unlike anyone else in the world. It’s one of a kind.

When I was a teenager, my Dad wrote a book on the Bataan Death March. He did it by telling the personal story of a man who endured it. This man’s name was Alf Larsen. The travesties Alf experienced on one of the bloodiest and most horrific events of WWII are nothing short of mind blowing to any reader. After Alf went through the process of telling his story with my Dad he said, “I didn’t know how much pain I was in until I told the whole story. I also didn’t know how much healing, peace and resolution I could experience by simply telling the story.”

Stories were designed to be told, but more importantly they were destined to become a testimony. A testimony is a story of how a person endured and overcame a hardship, test or trial. A story can only become a testimony when we allow God in and let the story out.

I want to rip the lid off of your thinking today and get you to realize that your story is the most valuable and unique part of who you are. Your story is designed to become a testimony and to be shared with the world.

What’s stopping you? What’s stopping me? We both have our stories to tell and the world is waiting to hear them… Even if it’s just over a cup of coffee.

I want to leave you with this. When I came home from Iraq… I was devastated, I never knew such pain could be possible for a person to go through, but after all of that… I told my story. And I healed from my time there. So many people I deployed with never talked about what happened and their lives are in ruin. People want to know who you really are and they’re starving for the hope you hold in the testimony of what you’ve been through.

So, the next time you have the opportunity, try not to focus on the ordinary, and find a way to get to the testimony. You were designed with a purpose, to change the world… One heart at a time.

The best is coming for your life,