The Cost: Looking Deeper at Our FREEDOM

“The second time I saw Jesus was very different from the first…. It started with the light. Just as before, I was surrounded by it. Swimming it its bright depth. My fear melted away in its presence. It was just me and the light. No fear, no panic, nothing other than the strange contentment and peace that came from being exactly where I was.

“Jesus said to me, “You were injured because you were defending me… I will not let you die.”

Jesus reached out his right hand and placed it on the wound on the left side of my chest. He healed it. “I will protect you.” He said.

That is an excerpt from a book recently read entitled: THE COST

It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book that held me, keeping me up late at night desperate to know what would happen next.

THE COST is the story of a young man (Ali) who comes from a prominent, well-respected family in Pakistan. He has a vision of Jesus and decides to believe in Him.

Upon this decision he is disowned by his family, which in a Muslim country your family is your identity. He then is placed on the hit list of a powerful terrorist group. The terrorist group spends the next three years trying to kill him and they make a valiant attempt by stabbing him, nearly missing his heart. This is the context of Ali’s vision of Jesus written out for you above. Jesus heals Ali and helps him escape several times from certain death.

I want you to think about your freedom. You cannot deny how much we take it for granted. Myself included. Did you know that in Pakistan if you become a Christian, it is perfectly legal for you to be killed? Stop. What?

I can’t even begin to imagine what we would do without our freedom. In this country you have the freedom to believe whatever you want. We have to fight to keep the sanctity of our freedom.

Ali’s story will change your life. It’s the story of true courage. Courage inspires me. Courage helps me believe and have faith that I can do great things, just like the people we read about.

Have you ever noticed that the greatest art, music, writing, business and success stories come out of free countries? Freedom allows people to become whatever they want to be. Freedom gives people the opportunity to pursue their heart.

The mission statement for my ministry is “Inspiring you to engage with God, so you can fulfill your destiny.”

There is no way I could fulfill my destiny, if I couldn’t help you fulfill yours.

The purpose of writing this blog is to share with you a book I know will have a tremendous impact on your life and get you to think about your freedom.

I love our country. Let us never allow anything that happens in 2016 derail our passion for our people and the freedom of our land.

The best is yet to come,