The Kingdom of Heaven

The Kingdom of Heaven… It’s weird to think about isn’t it? All this talk of kings, rulers and kingdoms… It’s so foreign to us as Americans. We have no idea what it means to be governed by a King. But, this should be comforting. Because Heaven and the way God does things are opposite to how we naturally do life.

Jesus said to forgive those who hurt you. Bless those who curse you. Pray for your enemies. Give to the poor, care for the broken and in all we do, let there be love. His ways are not our ways. It can be frustrating and yet sensationally enlightening. That is why I want to share this simple message with you today. I want to broaden your understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus said in Luke 17 Verse 21: “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.” I read that today and was like… what?  The Kingdom of Heaven is in me? How does that work? I always think of the Kingdom of Heaven being this massive unending display of splendor and majesty. Maybe it is, and maybe that’s exactly what you and I have living inside of us. Let’s go deeper.

Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount when teaching people to pray, “God, let Your Kingdom come and Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

So, let’s just go gangbusters on this. Jesus prayed for the Kingdom of God to come and for life on earth to be done how it is in Heaven. Then He said that the Kingdom of God is living inside of you and me. Let me share with you what is so freaking cool about God.

He loves you. He has plans, purposes and ideas for your life that are far beyond anything you could ask, want, dream, think or imagine. This is why I believe that you fulfilling God’s plan, God’s destiny for you is The Kingdom of Heaven. That’s what makes you, you. And that’s what makes God so amazing, He wants His Kingdom to be lived out through you, into the world.

The Kingdom of Heaven is the fulfillment of you walking out the amazing purpose God has placed on your life. Placing your purposes within the context of the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN makes them a little more significant, it adds bit more gusto to the whole deal.

So, then why don’t we take it more seriously? We are called by God… but do do what? That is what I want you to encourage you to do.

The Bible says in James that you don’t have things because you don’t ask for them. Jesus said to ask, seek, knock and doors will be opened to you.

When is the last time you sat down in prayer and really asked God some serious questions?

Why am I here, Lord? What do you want me to do? God, please, lead me and guide me into your perfect will. Help me to do what you want me to do. Not my will be done Lord, but Yours above all else.

Those who are bold enough to ask the big questions will get the big answers. And then, the most amazing thing will happen, all of Heaven.. The Kingdom of Heaven will be flowing into and out of you to touch the world.


The best is yet to come for your life,


Ben Peterson