The Will in Your Heart

Do you ever struggle with knowing, questioning, or thinking about what God’s will is for your life? I know I do. It can be such a tough road to travel with ditches on both sides. This is a very simple blog because I want to share a very simple truth with you.

The other night I was reading about Nehemiah. Nehemiah was a cup bearer (wine server) to the King a long long time ago. One day, while he was serving his duties, word was brought to the King that Jerusalem had come under siege from opposing armies and it’s walls had been burned to the ground. Nehemiah’s heart was broken and he turned to God asking Him to make the ways of His servant prosper and successful. He wasn’t asking for anything in particular, He just asked to be successful. Then,  a desire was placed in Nehemiah’s heart to go to the ruins and do something.

The Bible say’s that Nehemiah never told anyone the desire that was in his heart…

Nehemiah didn’t even ask God to go do anything about the walls…

He didn’t “hear” from God about rebuilding the walls….

He just had a desire in his heart…. and His heart was pure.

Then Nehemiah goes and rebuilds the walls. He sees a need and follows the desire in His heart. God blessed Him and an entire book in the bible is dedicated to Him.

In later chapters there are tiny little sentences that further this lifestyle. It says that God blessed the desire of Nehemiah’s heart.

Here’s the deal. If you love God and are called (which is anyone who calls themselves Christian) then you need to stop worrying about what you do with your life.

Pay attention. Keep your ears open. Listen to your heart.

I really believe that God admires faith when He sees it. Sometimes I think He is just waiting for one of His kids to open their eyes, see a need and ask God for the blessings, prosperity and success to fill it.

Matt McPherson the founder of McPherson Guitars (arguably the best in the world) said that God has all the answers to all the worlds problem’s, if only his children would just ask Him for the answer.

Look into your heart, the answer for what you’re searching for could be hiding deep down where you have yet to venture.

The best is coming for your life,

Ben Peterson