This will literally change your life.

Do you ever wish life had some do-overs? Not like all the time, but a couple here and there would be so clutch.

I said to one of my co-workers today, “man, if I knew one year ago what I know now, we could have crushed so much more business!”

I drive sales for a creative agency where we are constantly pitching new ideas and concepts to large companies who have big time decision makers with big budgets. It’s a wild ride 😉

I had a pitch a couple months ago and it was for the biggest piece of business of my career. I was convinced walking out of the boardroom that it was the single greatest pitch of my life. I delivered with every ounce of passion, energy, humor and excitement that I had. I freakin nailed it. There was just one problem. It was all about my company and even more about me. I made it all… about me.

When I got the email from the decision maker informing me that they had chosen another company… My heart missed a beat. I absolutely could not believe it.

My failures have always pushed me to re-examine motives, processes, intentions, and choices in every way possible. Last week it clicked. It hit me square between the eyes. I went through it over and over again looking for something blatantly wrong with me or my company. But, the answer couldn’t be found with me or my company. It was the delivery.

If I could do that pitch over again I would have made it all about them. The client. You know, the ones who make the decision… I would have asked them several questions to gather everything that is important to them. I would have showed them examples that they wanted to see, not what I thought they needed. I would have doven deep into their needs and discussed what was truly important to them.

The key to success in your life is not necessarily your resources or your strengths/weakness’s, it’s the way that you deliver your message to people. It’s all about the way that you serve, love and make people feel important. You want to make them feel important because they are important. They are the doorways to your success.

And that my friend’s is the point. It’s not about you when everything and everyone around you is telling you it is. Our world has changed. We cannot discredit the massive impact social media has on our lives. We post things in order to get “likes.” We have become conditioned in thinking that our worth is based off of how many people like what we have to say or what we show.

We are basing our worth off people’s approval. Mostly people we don’t even talk with on a regular basis! It’s something we will never be able to have influence over no matter how hard we try.

This simple truth will affect ever facet of your life. Instead of going into a situation with the mentality of how you can help, serve and bring value to people, we are going in seeking to be approved and even more detrimental… to be liked.

No thanks pal. I don’t want to live that way. It sucks and doesn’t work.

I have actually had people tell me through that through their counseling they discovered social media was the root cause of their depression. Constantly seeing what other people have and what they are doing was constantly beating one message into their hearts, I’m not good enough.

There is nothing that could be farther from the truth. We were created in the image of God and He “likes” what he made. It’s truth. Choose to believe it.

Just think of how much different your marriage would be if you went in with the mindset of not how can I be good enough to be loved by this person but what is important to them and how can I just love them more… make them feel important.

Think of going into work with the mentality of how you can make more money and achieve more success when you could be thinking of how you can serve/help people… It might actually influence you to change the world and see success faster.

If you are single, stop looking at what is “wrong” with you just because most people are in relationships on Facebook. Focus on how you can love and help people; it might actually attract your true love. Your selfless passion will attract a kindred spirit who is your soul mate. Ya never know 😉

If you are looking for something and feel unsatisfied, examine why you want it. Is it for you, or so you can help others? There is no need to seek people for your approval. Your approval is wrapped up in two opinions. Yours and God’s. Read His Word to find out what He thinks of you and then examine your opinion of yourself. I would recommending choosing to like whatchya got 🙂

I would love to hear your stories if you would like to share them with me of how this resonates with you.

Share your failures and success’s with me so I can process them and then bring your growth to the world.

The world is yours, so take delight.