Three Bullet Thursday: Maximizing Impact

A Thought For Your Life

You may feel insignificant, weak or less than. But God said that He has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame those that are mighty. He has chosen foolish things to challenge those that are wise. Why? So that He will get the glory for how amazing He is. That’s why he has picked you, that’s why He picked me. Because we aren’t good enough, because we are weak and because we have a troubled past. He can do His greatest work with those who recognize that only through Him could they ever do anything significant.

Watch This Video:

This message blew my mind. We don’t want to be trapped or feel insignificant for one more moment than we have to!

Read This Book:

We all desire adventure. This is my third time reading this book and it is just as exciting as the first time!

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