To Be Fathered

When I was a kid, my Dad had the coolest job ever. He was the Director of Sales at the Minnesota Zoo. So on the beloved “take your kid to work” day for school I was running around a playground of adventure and discovery while other kids were sitting in an office. Growing up I got to watch my Dad do what he does best, sell. He was a salesman all his life and created opportunity everywhere he went. But when I got into High School, things changed. I didn’t see my Dad as much, I was in sports, activities, studying and chasing girls. Dad was working all the time and we really only got time together on the weekends, when he didn’t have to work and we would sneak away up to the cabin. It was around this time that I started getting into drugs and alcohol. I began, to lose my way…

I want to introduce a radical new perspective to you. I have never heard what it really means To Be Fathered preached or taught in all my life’s experience

When I was studying abroad in Israel, the leader of our group said that if he could meet anyone in the history of the entire Bible other than Jesus, it would be Joseph.

You see, in those days, young men went everywhere with their fathers. I mean everywhere. We have to remember that Jesus was fully human and grew in wisdom/favor with God and man. He didn’t just come to earth and tada everything was perfect, squared away and figured out. Jesus was very much a man. And the father that God picked to lead the Saviour of the World would have to be one of the most amazing men to ever walk the face of this earth.

Jesus and Joseph worked together side by side everyday. They went on long pilgrimages together to visit distant temples, learn about and seek the face of God. Now, let’s really think about this. Jesus didn’t start His earthly ministry until He was 30 years old. 30 years old! This means that He did life and followed Joseph when He was 29 years and 9 months old.  Just imagine the King of the universe at 29, still doing life with His earthly father.

So, the point of being a Christian is like, doing what Jesus did right?

Then why do Fathers leave their homes every day to go to work, provide and never see their sons? Does anyone else see a problem here?!

I want you to think about the status of our country. The United States has never been in such chaos, rebellion, sexual perversion, violence and lack of leadership. My argument is that the reason behind all of this is how we have been raised. Just because it’s the American way doesn’t make it the right way.

Think back to the late 1800’s. Families followed the Jesus model. Sons went to work with Fathers. Then fast forward to post WWII. Life shifted. Fathers went to work and while the sons stayed home. They grew up and their kids are following the same model. What do we have now? A fatherless, godless, and lost generation. I simply cannot see it any other way. Men are called to lead by being led.

The only solution to what we are seeing today, is to change it.

We have to see God as the Father He is and let Him lead us in all things. We have to let God into our everyday life and do our work with Him by our side!

Not only that, we have to change how we raise our children. I will tell you here and now that when I have kids, my boys will follow me in my work life, day in and day out. People can deal with it. Christians have got to start doing life differently. We have to push against the tide, which is mighty and full of power so we can be a living testimony.

What if…What if we were different? What if you were different?

We just might change the world.