True Love

What does it mean to love? To show love and to actually be…love.  I have been praying lately for God to show me His heart… The heart was designed for love. If the heart is the wellspring of life and love is the very essence of what the heart was designed for, then how can we begin to understand the heart of God…

No man will ever be able to comprehend the height, depth, size width and length of God’s love for us. His love is abounding and never ending. His love has no boundaries. It’s alive and burning with furious passion for you.

When I was in the Army and deployed to Iraq, everything was about the person next to you. Protecting them, looking out for them, helping them, watching their back, it was a union of unselfish relationships.

You simply didn’t have to think about yourself, your wants, needs and desires because you were apart of a greater team.

There was a day in our combat zone that will be burned into my mind for the rest of my life. A suicide bomber walked into a grade school just less than a mile from our base. He blew himself up while killing several children and wounding countless others. It was devastation. Without hesitating our base hospital took in the kids who had been injured in the attack.

My Chaplain and I went to the hospital the next day. The things I saw, are sometimes hard to even begin to describe so let me say this: when you look a little boy in his left eye because his right eye and most of his face has been damaged in a suicide bombers blast, the world stops.

So there we were, living in a world where all you do is think about the person next to you. Your mind is beautifully consumed with thoughts of others and you see something like that.

It changes you.

Have you ever thought that one of the main reasons you are so dissatisfied, unhappy and discontent is because your mind, will and emotions are consumed with yourself… and not others?

And I’m not going to apologize for being harsh. America is the most financially blessed and spiritually poor place in the world.

Jesus gave us a beautiful command. Love God will all you got, and love your neighbor the way you take care of, treat and love yourself. (BP translation)

Now, in the Jewish culture, the way you treat another human being is equal to the way you treat God. It is one in the same. We have a lot of people who are good at loving God but truly suck at loving people. That is what makes us spiritually poor, we are out of balance.

If we ever want to see true change in this world we have got to start loving people the way we were designed to. By getting our eyes off ourselves and focusing in on the needs of others our perspectives will change dramatically. We simply were not designed to walk around constantly trying to meet our own needs. We were designed to live in community and live for a Father who meets all our needs according to how life is done where He is at.

What are you afraid of? Step out and just be different. Go to a soup kitchen and serve some poor people. Give some money to the beggars by your car, grab their hand and tell them not to give up. Pray for something other than yourself. Go into your room, shut the door and pray for everyone in your life then watch things change.

You were designed for greater. Your capacity to bring love into this world through your random acts of kindness is unable to even be measured, just like the love in the heart of God. It’s endless.


The best is coming for your life,