True, Pure & Great Success

We’ve read em’, seen em’, ignored em’ and shared em’… Blogs about success. Do we really need another one?? Well, for the sake of this one being “successful” yes, yes we do 😉

Everyone wants their life to have meaning. That’s why we get out of bed everyday. I want to take a bit of history and share with you what we can learn from the past between the marketplace and the ministry.

There once was a man by the name of George Westinghouse. Ever heard of him? I hadn’t. Well, back in the day there were two competitors working to own the market on cooling systems for people’s homes, businesses, etc. George had the AC unit and General Electric had the DC unit. The AC unit, now known as Air Conditioning beat out the DC unit and is the sole system for cooling during those sweltering summer days.  So, why haven’t we heard of Westinghouse… but everyone knows the fortune 500 company GE?

Well, it’s very simple. George’s company thrived on the strength, ideas, genius and ability of one man. George. While Westinghouse was totally focused on crushing it with himself, GE was focused on building a great company, a strong organization. So even though George’s idea beat out GE in the beginning, it was GE who in the end, found the greatest success.

I think the biggest struggle for any leader is wanting to be accepted, loved and to feel significant.. You know… like you matter in world. Well, most of the time our own fears and insecurities dominate how we do life. Why do great leaders often times make everything about them? Insecurity. Flat out, that is the only reason. They need to be affirmed by what they do. Sadly, this method may in the short run bring success… but the real question is it what we would truly define as true, pure & great success?

I am going to lay it out for you. Great success is what happens after you are no longer in the picture. When your hands are no longer on the wheel, when it truly is no longer about you. And hopefully by that point, you made it about the organization, the people and not about yourself.

Jesus was a man who walked the face of this earth 2000 years ago. He built up a group of 12 followers who followed Him after He left. Jesus was able to simultaneously use His identity as the Son of God to inspire people to follow Him while empowering and raising up leaders who would carry on the mission after He died. And that’s exactly what He did. He made disciples. The greatest the world has ever seen. They turned the world upside down. In fact, all but one of them was brutally murdered for their faith. They went to the grave fighting for what Jesus taught them. Now, Over 2.2 Billion People ascribe to what is the largest religion in the world.

So if you really think about it, Jesus made it all about others, while inspiring people to believe in Him. Pure genius.

So what’s the point? Each day ask yourself, am I working to further my name or the organization, the people, the business, the people God has given you.

Trust me, believe it or not I am a wildly insecure person who God has given a lot of boldness. Though it may come across as a ton of confidence there is always hesitancy, fear, and doubt about almost everything. So give yourself a break from yourself and make it about everything around you. By doing so, people will go to war with you and hopefully, long after you are gone, people who you never even met, will carry on your mission.

That is the living, true and pure success of a great leader.

The best is coming for your life.