Waiting is a VERB Part II

I was out to dinner with a friend and his… large family. We’re talking 7 kids and a wonderful wife. I know. They’re not Catholic btw. We all thought it 🙂

We were having dinner and from the bread, appetizers, to the main course and dessert the waiter brought all the food to the head of the table, where the father was.

When the food arrived at the table, each child would ask for what they wanted and sat patiently waiting for their request. It took time for Dad to get organized and to dish out everything exactly how they wanted it. No child went without their desire and when they wanted more, they certainly received it.

I sat in my chair, quietly taking in the story set before my eyes. Diving deep into my thoughts and gaining an amazing perspective on how God works.

You have a desire in your heart. You’re waiting for it. It’s not here yet and there is nothing you can do to make it get here quicker. The only possible change to be made is in you.

First, what you desire is being prepared. The time it takes to cook a perfect steak doesn’t happen immediately. It involves rigorous preparation. You certainly don’t want it too soon. Preparation takes time. Sometimes you are ready for it, but it isn’t ready for you. So, gain the perspective and trust that it will come precisely when it’s suppose to.

Second, the Father is at the head of the table and He is in charge. God is a good, good Father. Every good and perfect gift comes from Him and He doesn’t change. He will always sit at the head of the table to dish out the desires of your heart. He will not withhold the request of your lips and He will grant you according to the desires of your heart.

Thirdly and most importantly is that everything comes from Him. The Bible says we love because He first loved us. He placed the desires you have deep within your heart. He has the fulfillment of the desire to give you. He is everything. He works all things according to His will. You know Him because He drew you to Him. You have gifts, talent and ability because He formed you. God intimately knows who you are and designed you for your own personal greatness to share with the world… whatever that may look like.

Waiting isn’t always easy. The Bible says it isn’t:

Delayed hope makes one sick at heart,
but a fulfilled longing is a tree of life. prov. 13:12

It’s ok that you’ve struggled with what you’re waiting for. It hurts and can literally make the heart sick. But 🙂 when your desire is fulfilled, when the deep longing in your heart comes to be, a mighty tree of life is planted. The tree will bring strength, determination, steadfast hope and wonderful fruit to you.

I believe the desires you have are of least importance to God. Notice I say least. Meaning they ARE important and least with Him is like a billion times greater than you could ever dream. What is important to God is the condition of your heart.

Your heart.

I desire for you to be at peace with desires in your heart, fully trusting that the Dad at the head of the table either has the order in or is dishing it for you and is about to serve it for you to enjoy.

Trust Him and watch your life happen.

The best is yet to come,