Waiting is a VERB

Learning patience sucks. Having patience totally rocks.

I feel like my life has been dominated by waiting for one thing after another, after another to happen. Do you ever feel that way?

I remember when I got deployed to Iraq. We were notified 9 months before we deployed. We waited in preparation to leave for training. Once we were in our three-month train-up in Fort Sill Oklahoma, we were just waiting to get over to the Sandbox. Then, once we were in Iraq, we were waiting for our turn to go home on two weeks leave. Then once we came back we were waiting for the deployment to be over. Waiting, waiting, waiting.

We wait for food, traffic, coffee, technology, results, emails, text messages, likes, comments, goodness sakes… we are always waiting!!!

But what about the things that really…matter.

We wait for love, for destiny, direction, prayers to be answered, for the world to change, for people’s lives to change, we wait for…significance.

I want to have significance in my life and am pretty sure you do to.

That’s why… waiting…. IS A VERB.

You have a purpose. Plain and simple. You may not know what that purpose is yet… but you have one!

That is why in true waiting, there is significant action.

Jesus waited 30 years to begin His ministry. 30 years. But he wasn’t just chilling during that time.

He was training. He deeply studied the scriptures, trained with His father on carpentry, traveled long journeys through the land of Israel to visit houses of worship, and got alone with God to discover who He really was.

If you are waiting for something, it means you aren’t ready for it. There in lies the key to a successful time of waiting: preparation.

What does God need to do in you to get you where the dreams He placed in your heart are going to take you?

You are the only one who can answer that question.

So… Ask yourself. Ask Him.

When you have your answer, begin to think about what you could do to ignite your passion for this season of preparation.

Now we’re on to something.

There is so much action in waiting; I think there is less action in actually having what you have been waiting for!

Are you doing things with your life to train you into your purpose, into your passion, into your destiny?

For the love of God, turn off your phone and go DO SOMETHING! Take up a new hobby, read a non-fiction adventure, workout, book a hiking trip, get out into the wilderness, GO, DO, BE, LIVE, EXPERIENCE, and COME ALIVE!

God has given us this life to taste, touch, see, smell, hear, laugh and love. You have been given so much with your life; for goodness sake please don’t waste it!

Waiting does not have to be what you and I have made it out to be. Enjoy the journey.

Enjoy. The. Journey.

The best is yet to come,