What We Do


Destiny begins with engagement. As a team we focus on engaging military, veterans, and their families through digital and in person experiences. All for the purpose and goal of relational destiny.


At Engage Your Destiny, we begin with the end in mind where destiny will flourish. Once we engage, we lead our military, veterans, and their families into first class resources where they can find hope, healing, and purpose through faith.

Our Mission

Going into the world to bring honor, hope and healing to military veterans and their families .

Our Vision

A world without veteran suicide.


The Warriors Journey exists to journey with you through your entire experience of serving in the military and living as a veteran with one on one mentorship.


The Resiliency Project is a four-pillar program that addresses the areas of psychological, physical, spiritual, and social wellness. We develop whole health care plans that assess and treat the challenges of military service and combat such as PTSD, chronic/acute pain, sleep issues, isolation, stress, and moral injury. Care plans are provided through three main delivery methods: clinics, coordinated care, and collaborative care.


REBOOT Combat Recovery specifically addresses military trauma. Veterans or active duty service members of all eras are welcome to attend. Spouses and caregivers also benefit greatly and are encouraged to attend. The course is 12 weeks long and most locations offer meals and childcare to remove barriers for families who wish to attend.