What We Do


We engage our military, veterans, and their families right where they are – whether on-base, off-base or online. Our mission is to combat the deadly epidemic of veteran suicide by equipping our Bravest with the spiritual tools to face any battle.


We believe our warriors have a God-given destiny waiting for them. Our mission, once we engage, we lead our military, veterans, and their families into first class resources where they can find hope, healing, and purpose through Faith. From spiritual formation and digital discipleship to meeting any physical, mental or emotional needs our warriors have… lasting freedom is found in the follow-up. 

Our Mission

Going into the world to bring honor, hope and healing to military veterans and their families .

Our Vision

A world without veteran suicide.


Honor events, like the Heroes Honor Festival, open the door and heart for much needed healing. Honor is hardwired into a Warrior’s heart and psyche so that when you honor them, you’re saying, “I see you.”  The battles of life, harden hearts and it’s Honor that helps to unlock them. 

“Be devoted to tenderly loving your fellow believers as members of one family. Try to outdo yourselves in respect and honor of one another.”

– Romans 12:10

On-base spiritual resiliency training equips our active duty military to engage their Faith when dealing with challenges and hardships. This training is based on the latest cutting edge research in the fields of behavioral psychology and neuroscience combined with biblical principles to bring timeless wisdom to the mundane. 

Research now proves what we’ve known all along: that Faith is the ultimate tool for true resiliency. 

From its birth, our national heritage has been firmly founded on religious freedom. In fact, the existence and support for freedom of religion is guaranteed in the First Amendment to our Constitution. And those who are willing to die for that freedom, deserve to reap its benefits.

Digital Discipleship continues the Faith journey and helps to incorporate spiritual formation into everyday life. With young military members spending more time online than any other generation, Faith-filled resources at their fingertips are critical for lasting transformation. 

Healing happens through relationships – a relationship with God, with a spouse or children, or with other warriors. In partnership with other Christ-centered veteran organizations, we are equipped to meet any need a warrior expresses – whether physical, emotional, mental, relational or spiritual.