What’s your mission?

We are all searching for purpose, for a place we can put our name on and say YES!! I did that and I was apart of something great.

Once a year, I go on a mission trip with my church to a foreign country (typically) Africa. I go there to gain perspective on life, be used by God to touch the world, and let my soul drink in the beauty of another culture.

Coming home from a mission’s trip is always the most difficult part, because getting back into the grind of work, relationships, eating healthy, exercise, traffic, paying bills, it all just feels like this dulling waste of a life that is wrapped up in one word: routine.

It’s my workout routine, eating routine, to-do list, plan your work and work your plan, collaborate early collaborate often, is the juice worth the squeeze, all of these “things” we hope to give our soul’s a faint glimmer of hope that this constant grind is going to turn into something great someday.

We long and we hope for adventure. We long for opportunities to be and do something great. We want love, laughter, fun, new opportunities to come our way, but… why do we have to go to other side of the world to experience it?

Some of the greatest moments of my life happened outside the compartmentalized walls of my nicely laid out, routine life.

People spend more time today on Netflix and out at the movies than they ever have before. We are clinging to such a shred of hope for adventure in our lives that we find the only thrill in a theatre or on a computer screen.

I want more. I need more. There has to be more.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good movie. Braveheart… #bestever but that isn’t enough, nowhere near enough.

If we continue as a society to live vicariously through actors, musicians, and a select few people living out the adventure yearning in our hearts we will never find the fulfillment we were designed to have.

I often question why God called me to be His son. I have failed so many times at so many things. When I read stories of the majority of the heroes in the bible, in the beginning, they were nobodies. Really. They were doing nothing. But God came along their side and whispered in their ears, “follow Me, I have something better for you.”

When is the last time you got quiet and just whispered the simple prayer, “God, what am I doing here?”

David, one of the greatest worshippers in the history of the world would cry out to his soul to get in line with God and to worship Him. He would speak to His soul and command it to be great.

When is the last time you took control of your soul and got in line with greatness? When last did you ask the difficult questions and really tested the Lord on His promises? When are you going to be done with the status quo and believe for something greater in your life?

If there is one thing I am certain of is that in God’s kingdom, you aren’t given things so that you can have a nice, comfortable life. You are given things so that you can impact the hearts of others. You are given courage so you can inspire the broken. You are given love so you can pour it into the people in your life. You are given grace so that you can be kind to strangers. You are given talent so that you can shine for the One who gave it to you. You are given finances so you can bless those in need. You are given, so that you can give.

We will never find adventure, contentment, hope, dreams fulfilled, life, love, laughter, and…a mission until we learn to give. Then we will be given.

The world is yours, so take delight.

Ben Peterson