What’s your one thing?

There are few things I enjoy more than biting into a fresh, crisp, juicy, beaming red apple. You sink your teeth and a burst of flavor euphorically engages your senses… all you can think is: oh yea, exactly what I wanted!

And then at times we are met with the insurmountable defeat of biting into an apple that looks nothing short of perfection but all you are left with a tasteless, dull, flavorless disappointment. It’s literally like; well I started, now I gotta muscle my way through this thing because a guy’s gotta eat.

Isn’t it amazing how something can look so appealing but when we experience it we find nothing but disappointment that could never live up to the high hopes we envision for days, months and sometimes…years.

I often wonder what the fruit tasted like when Eve first bit into it. You remember… the whole deal with the serpent. Do you think it was tasty, or a disappointment? I would imagine that in the garden everything was nothing short of amazing, but for argument’s sake, what if it wasn’t good at all and what looked wildly appealing ended up being nothing but, disappointment.

We don’t know how long the conversation and the temptation to taste the forbidden fruit went on. The Bible doesn’t say. It could have gone on for an extended period of time where Eve wanted the fruit so badly and ended up being terribly disappointed with the final outcome. Makes you think doesn’t it?

I’m a dreamer. Can’t help it. If I didn’t keep it in check I would dream all day long and not accomplish a thing. I love thinking about dangerous situations where I can Indiana Jones the moment, swoop in, save the day, get the girl and live on to the next adventure.

So naturally I tend to make way more out of things than they are, build them up in my head and then when I attain my goal… It doesn’t feel as good as I thought it would. Can you relate?

At the end of the day, people just want to live a good life. Make a great living, have a beautiful family, help those in need and pass it on to the next generation. The problem is we get into a habitual cycle of accomplishing one thing after another and then, one day, getting to the end and saying, what did I really do with my life?

What’s your one thing you are striving to attain? Promotion, love, adventure, travel, success, name it, and write it down. Why is it so important to you, what are you trying to prove and who are you trying to prove it to? Are you trying to prove to the world that you’re good enough or are just trying to accomplish enough so you can have peace with yourself?

We will never find the contentment in accomplishing our one thing because there will always be another one that’s bigger and grander staring at us in the next season. I would challenge you to think differently, to find… contentment.

The Bible says, that godliness with contentment is great gain. We all want to succeed, but are we putting the right brand of premium into our high performance vehicles to get where we need to go?

Anyone who knows me is well aware that I am an achiever. I love setting a goal and hitting it. Make it happen baby! But hold on, there is a subtle difference: I love hitting the goal not by focusing on the goal but by being content in who I am as a man of God. Being thankful for what I have. Having peace in the place I am now, and then getting to work. Otherwise, their will never be a resting and enjoying the ride.

It will never be enough. No matter your mission, you will never save enough people, help enough of the poor, rescue enough of the weak, have enough money, drive a nice enough car, and have a big enough house. Someone will always have it bigger and better. It will literally drive you freakin nuts.

So chill out. Be thankful for what you have. Social media is there for one purpose, so everyone can show their little world how “amazing” life is and how lucky you would be to be living it. Forget about what everyone else has. Be happy with you and who you are. You were created for greatness, even if no one else sees it… your time will come.

And the next time you bite into an apple, think to yourself, just how important is that one thing… 🙂

The world is yours, so take delight.

Ben Peterson