When It’s Time, It’s Time

I want you to think back to the last time you had to wait for something. Anything. Maybe you’re right in the middle of waiting.

We stress so much about when something is going to happen that we lose perspective on perfect timing. Jesus waited thirty years to start His ministry. Thirty years. No matter what He did or how well He prepared, it still didn’t change the fact that there was an appointed time for Him to start His ministry. There was no way around it. He couldn’t make it happen sooner or later, there was an appointed time by God.

When I was 20 years old, God got ahold of my heart and I wanted to start a ministry. I worked to figure out a way to get something going but kept running into road-blocks. Then after a combat tour in Iraq and a stint at The University of Minnesota I graduated from North Central University. I graduated on a mission to go into full-time ministry… and every door closed in my face. Then after 3+ years in the business world God spoke to me that it was time to GO.

I quit my job and started a ministry. It was God’s timing.

Now, how many of us are scared to death of what we know we are really called to or we are dying inside because we’re in a career or field that is just the worst. It’s not what you want and you would give anything to be doing something you love. Well, take heart.

Jesus was a stone carpenter. He worked alongside His father for 30 years… He was the Son of God and was placed on this earth to set people free but it was for an appointed time. You know that setting people free was the desire of His heart. But it wasn’t time yet. So He didn’t get to do what He truly wanted to do. He had to wait for the appointed time.

I know it may sound cliche but you truly have a date with destiny. You have an appointed time when God will unleash you into your passion. It is going to happen. The key to all of this is to recognize that if it isn’t time yet, then it isn’t time. And you don’t want to eat an apple pie before it’s done baking. You want it when it’s hot, full capable of melting the ice cream on the side and caramel drizzled on it. You want it when it’s ready.

Just like your destiny. You want it when it’s time. So, decide today to treat what you’re doing as God’s best for you, it is the preparation for what He has next.

Not what you want to hear?

Well, when I was a kid I would try and stay home from school all the time. I hated school. My Mom would come wake me up and say, “Ben it’s time for school.” Every Time I would come back with, “Mom, I hate school and I don’t want to go.” She would come in, sit by my bed to say very calmly, “honey, I know you don’t like school but you can either be happy about going to school or you can be miserable about it, but either way… you’re going to school.”

Today is your choice. How you choose to see it. Either way, you still have to go to school. And when it’s time for what God has next for you, it will be time.

The best is coming for your life,