When The Door Closes

You have a desire. It’s deep within your heart. It surrounds your entire being. It’s a hope and a feeling that you carry with you everywhere you go.

You were designed to dream, to want for something that you don’t have yet. In fact, that is the definition of hope: A feeling or expectation for a desired outcome.

It’s difficult living with an unfulfilled desire, but in fact that would be a life without hope… Which I don’t want and am pretty sure you don’t want either.

My message for you today is very simple and I am going to be vulnerable in sharing it.

I have loved three different women in my life. From the ages of 20-29 there have been three very special women who I fell for and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that they would be the person I would spend the rest of my life with.

But, each time those desired relationships did not turn out the way my heart desired. Each time, it was a door closing on the hope buried so deeply in my heart.

Earlier in life, the heartbreak would take months to recover from. However, in my latest experience there has been a renewed sense of hope burning within me and it is the hope I want to sew into your heart today.

When a door closes you may see it as a lost opportunity but when that desire is no longer to be yours it opens up the realm of possibilities… where anything could happen.

You see, when you venture down a road for a new opportunity, be it a new job, relationship, goal, or competition you reach a certain point where only two things can happen: your desired outcome, or not.

As you’re on this journey of hope your desired outcome can get focused with blinders and all you can see is the future that will come from the outcome you want. You focus on it so much that every other idea or opportunity isn’t even feasible because you have mapped out your road of fulfillment and dreams realized. You make your plans and that’s it. It’s what you want.

But then…a decision is made and you’re left standing with nothing. Or are you.. 

I had the most intense revelation the other day. I was in the bathroom getting ready for the day and I was reflecting on a recent door that closed. Suddenly a tidal wave of hope entered into my heart and the thought… ANYTHING IS NOW POSSIBLE.

Of course my situation had to do with a girl lol and I couldn’t help the countless exciting thoughts flooding my mind!! Anything could happen, I could meet the right one anyway now, I get to write an entirely NEW story, truly, anything is now possible.

When God closes a door it isn’t because you aren’t good enough or because He doesn’t want to bless you… It’s because He has an entirely different plan for your life. All you have to do is trust Him and start walking it out, one step at a time.

No matter what has happened, it cannot change the fact that ANYTHING, is now possible.


The best is coming for your life,

Ben Peterson