Your Best Morning Ever

I’m not really a morning person… nor am I really a night person… I kinda just find pockets throughout the day to have bursts of energy.

Whether you’re an early bird or a nighthawk I want to give you the strategy to having the best morning ever. It truly has changed how I do life.

Every morning I wake up early, between 5:30-6:00 and go into the kitchen to heat up some water. I then mix together three key ingredients:

(1) TableSpoon of Raw, Organic Honey

(1) TableSpoon of Apple Cider Vinegar

(1) Squeezed Lemon Wedge

I mix these three ingredients into my hot water and it makes a delicious tea. But, it’s not only delicious, it is filled with nutrition you need to start the day.

While you’re sleeping, the body uses its glucose (sugar) stores as energy to recover your body from the day before. Recovery from stress, exercise, mental fatigue, basically all the natural parts of a given day. When you wake up your glucose stores are depleted and need to be filled. That’s where the honey comes in, it’s the best form of natural sugar for your body.  The apple cider vinegar is amazing to help strengthen the immune and nervous system. The lemon brings the PH of your body to alkaline (normal) detoxing you from coffee, alcohol and any other unhealthy things you may have partaken in 🙂 it is also filled with vitamin C and other amazing vitamins.

I then take my tea, put on some worship music and just sit with God. The kicker is I don’t leave His presence until the tea, is gone 🙂 Just drink and sit with God, till the cup is empty and you are full. It is amazing. I don’t ask God for a thing, I just sit, love Him and enjoy His presence.

Then I go make a smoothie. Here’s the ingredients:

-(1) scoop protein powder (grass fed whey is really good)

-(1) handful of kale

-(1) handful of spinach

-Half an avocado

-Half a banana

-(½) cup of frozen blueberries

-(1) Tablespoon of Coconut Oil

-(¼) cup of plain greek yogurt

-(¼) Tbs of Himalayan Pink Salt

-(1) Cup of Almond Milk

-Filtered Water

-(3) Ice Cubes

Now, that may seem like a lot of ingredients but it truly is EVERYTHING you’re body needs to start the day. Good fats, vegetables, fruit, protein, salt (for minerals), and carbs. Your body needs LOTS of good food, it needs fuel. So fuel up and prepare to crush the day 🙂

Then I go back into my room, shut the door and get on my knees. This is where I ASK, SEELK and KNOCK. I ask God for strength, wisdom, favor, doors opened, blessings, freedom, more of His presence, I ask and ask and ask. I cry out to God for every desire in my heart. Mostly, I ask for opportunities to touch people’s hearts and lead them closer to Him

The Bible says that doors open to those who knock and whatever you ask in the name of Jesus, if it is His will, He will freely give it to you.

Enjoy 🙂

The best is coming for your life,